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Discussion in 'vBulletin 4 Discussion' started by .v0id, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Alvaro_SG

    Alvaro_SG New Member

    Hazlo la próxima vez, sino, utiliza el traductor de Google, el idioma que se tiene que hablar es el inglés ;)


    I can't wait for the first beta.
  2. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    I see that vBulletin Developers have also done a lot with attachement management, that looks really promising.
  3. Austin W80

    Austin W80 New Member

    Do we have an idea for a release date?
  4. chakru

    chakru New Member

    mostly by may 1st week I hope... lets see
  5. CrazyFrog

    CrazyFrog New Member

    One thing i and thousands of others would like to see is the ability to display just about anything within Vb on external pages.
    I know things like VbExternal and the like exist, but surely the Vb developers have a better knowledge to integrate almost anything.
  6. Curtis129

    Curtis129 New Member

    yeh i think a internal mod where you can create vb powered pages *custom* with options to keep the page to just guests etc.. to show errors messages and so forth :p
  7. Aking

    Aking New Member

    When is it coming the mighty Vb 4. Wait...wait...looks hard work to null completely this time.

    Get some screen shots please.
  8. Same for my forum. Personally I think 3.6 is the best version, and then 3.7.6

  9. sol4t3r

    sol4t3r New Member

    i cant wait to see it come out
  10. jurse

    jurse New Member

    anyone know when the release date is scheduled for? that way I will purchase my license then. :)
  11. MiKeY188

    MiKeY188 New Member

    no more vbseo lol and a new design that sounds awesome cant wait!
  12. robe

    robe New Member

    Any idea when it will be out? If someone already answered this please forgive me.
  13. marvin4578

    marvin4578 New Member

    I love vBulletin so do i love vBulletin 4. But i want to know how vBulletin 1.0 was xD
  14. riedel

    riedel New Member

    i cant wait to see it!!n:O
  15. Budi

    Budi New Member

    wow, i love this site. So 4.0 huh? can't wait for someone to release a nulled version here!
  16. xXDeviant

    xXDeviant New Member

    wow... your a legend :D
  17. cubangal

    cubangal New Member

    I think it is supposed to be out the beginning or middle of June 2009.
  18. Sponge

    Sponge New Member

    Wow a whole new release number must be a big rewrite worth checking out when released but not sure if ill move up.
  19. peoplestv

    peoplestv New Member

    woah sick thats cool (H)
  20. rotproducciones

    rotproducciones New Member

    thats good!
    and any body knows when is version 4 going to be available?

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