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  1. .v0id

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    Key features and improvements that will be included in the first vBulletin 4 release are:

    • Cross-content search system providing a single interface to search across forum posts, blog entries and comments and other supported products
    • Improved search performance
    • A fresh design and layout making use of semantic markup and CSS styling
    • An enhanced style and template system to enhance your ability to change the layout
    • Controls to assist with the placement of advertising elements
    • SEO features, including friendly URLs
    • A centralized attachment system, allowing the sharing of attachments across products
    The goal of the vBulletin 4 series is to develop a modern, scalable application platform that will allow your communities to thrive.
    The vBulletin 4 series will include a number of releases, with each iteration bringing improvements in features, usability and architecture. Development efforts are prioritized towards those areas that can provide real, tangible benefits to our customers, at all times with an eye toward maintaining and enhancing the performance and reliability expected of a vBulletin product.
    Alongside significant strides forward within the vBulletin forum product, we are also producing a new content management system to facilitate the creation, editing and publishing of non-forum pages. Further details about CMS features, and how it will integrate with vBulletin will be posted in due course.
    We are working hard and plan to have vBulletin 4.0 released in beta form in early Q2 of 2009.
  2. Error 404

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    So, is there any noticeable features ? Cuz all these SEOs, arent really much help. I mean.. Like new Mods built-in or new functions... That would be much appreciated..
    Thanks for info ;)
  3. .v0id

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    Well, vBulletin developers are now focusing on the basic stuff, so that they are compatible with all browsers and usable. I am sure that much more features will come in future releases.

    In my opinion, the most exciting updates for now will be the new layouts and enhanced search system. More exciting stuff will come later :)
  4. Error 404

    Error 404 New Member

    Ye, probably you right.. Well, its very exciting to hear :D
    Thanks a lot for info, I didnt even know that vBulletin v4 was planned to be release in this year XD

  5. mojopanel

    mojopanel New Member

    Wow, nice.. thanks for this :)
  6. Mr. C

    Mr. C New Member

    Looks like vBSEO is going to be put out of business. Lol.
  7. xasanofa

    xasanofa New Member

    I can't wait to have VB4 from GYSN
  8. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

    I wonder if it will become harder to Null
  9. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    Though there are some nice new things being added/changed (semantic markup and CSS styling etc etc) I personally think its getting to bloated...by the time vb 5 comes out it will simply be a Facebook/Myspace clone with a good forum backend...

    If I actually cared about my personal forum I would revert back to 3.6.x and spend the time sorting out all the errors that would occur due to reverting backwards...as it is and as I always say I only keep to the latest version so to stay upto date with changes to help vBTEAM members ;)
  10. Error 404

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    [offtopic]HOxxy, your the hero lol.[/offtopic]
  11. Patato20

    Patato20 New Member

    Thanks for the info i cant why for the releases
  12. StormRoBoT

    StormRoBoT New Member

    1 question : can we make NULL of this version ? :p
  13. chakru

    chakru New Member

    lol its out of question GYSN and DGT can null anything don't ever doubt that :p
  14. freakk69

    freakk69 New Member

    nice features....
  15. ucenik1

    ucenik1 New Member

    Is there any screenshot or beta to install?
  16. VIRUXZ

    VIRUXZ New Member

    yeah, hay que esperar vbulletin 4, jeje vbulletin es lo mejro y con el 4 sera una mola xD. i`m not speak english, sorry xD.
  17. chakru

    chakru New Member

    beta version not yet released but we can expect it soon.
  18. remember

    remember New Member

    DGT AND GYSN Can Null Anything...
  19. HellOnFire

    HellOnFire New Member

    Really ?
  20. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    lol, come on guys, talkin about a null already -.-

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