[VBTEAM] vBulletin 3.6.8 PL2 Premoded & Precoded SEO Version

Discussion in 'vB 3.6.X Releases' started by J.Black, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. VuDo0

    VuDo0 New Member

    THanks! for the download links. :)
  2. Don_Playboy

    Don_Playboy New Member

    About this

    Config File & Database Uploading

    Upload the database (included in database folder) you´ll be able to choose from 3 different types

    1-Database From phpMyAdmin
    2-Database From phpMyAdmin (Ziped)
    3-Database From vBulletin AdminCP

    Does that mean upload the database folder to root?where i uploaded the upload folder?Or what?or inside the upload folder?
  3. R.A.R.

    R.A.R. New Member

    sorry but !!

    it always comes like that

    Possible reasons:

    Download session expired. Direct-links last a few minutes for free users.
    You requested this download session from a different IP than yours. If you use AOL, try a different browser.
    If nothing helps, getting a premium-account will override the IP-check, which means it will solve this problem.

    any solution ??
  4. coffeecat

    coffeecat New Member

    thx for this but what if we change themes..
    do we still need to edit something to get the links and etcs up?
  5. jazzvirdee184

    jazzvirdee184 New Member

    how do you upload the database?
  6. Nanana

    Nanana New Member

    This is an awesome looking version, thanks a lot.

    However, I am an absolute noob when it comes to gettin it on the server. I haven't been able to find anyone willing to upload and CHMOD it all for me (unless anyone here would be willing to lol) So is there anyone here able to supply more in-depth instructions to getting this version on my server? Including how to CHMOD the files, etc.
  7. Nanana

    Nanana New Member

  8. The Mask

    The Mask New Member

    Great .. Iam downloading it .

  9. Nanana

    Nanana New Member

    Anyone else know how I can fix the buttons in the blogs comments an editor features?
  10. hamonpari

    hamonpari New Member

    what is difference between keygen and normal version
  11. AhrimanSefid

    AhrimanSefid New Member

    me import database vbteam user pass.
    Run send Me 500 Internal Server Error.
    Thank you
  12. seriestv

    seriestv New Member

  13. soccerfreak

    soccerfreak New Member

    is anyone replyin to questions on here anymore??

    so if I get a custom skin with the XML file, will it work with this vB version?
  14. Night_Wolf1619

    Night_Wolf1619 New Member

    hi mat and thinx instaled and work fine for me
    i have just one error when new member regiter i have error datbase
    is ther any solution for that ????
  15. seriestv

    seriestv New Member

    Soccerfreak: Of course, Any template will work. But only the templates included have all the modifications, so any other template would work, but you need to adapt it. I could do it if I have time (pm me).

    And Night_wolf, there must be something missed out, check all the steps. Its working 100% fine.
  16. soccerfreak

    soccerfreak New Member

    thanks for the reply seriestv, but what do you mean it wont work with the modification?
  17. Night_Wolf1619

    Night_Wolf1619 New Member

    thinx seriestv for the reply
    but installed second time and step by step
    the probleme still and i fined an other error i can't see profile of user
    but i find solution for the 2 probleme
    i desable vBulletin Project Tools and its ok the user can register without error
    and for the 2 error i desable RPG Inferno and i can see profile of user
    i think some think is wrong in vBulletin Project Tools & RPG Inferno

    and what is the diffirance between Normal Version and Keygen Version

    best regards
  18. UnSafeHairBall

    UnSafeHairBall New Member

    Can i get some help installing
  19. timothy61981

    timothy61981 New Member

  20. Nanana

    Nanana New Member

    Its because you either didn't instal everything into the public_html/forum/ folder.
    Either that or you didn't edit config.php correctly.

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