[VBTEAM] vBulletin 3.6.8 PL2 Premoded & Precoded SEO Version

Discussion in 'vB 3.6.X Releases' started by J.Black, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    why? , this is a beta release of vBCasino, i found a bug unistalling that, 2 tables won´t be able to dump it automatically you have to dump by yourself so if you don´t dump that you won´t be able to install casino again, until you drop those tables "casino_" that´s the answer to your question, next time i´ll won´t install those beta mods, by the way the next release is in timeline.
  2. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    Can this be loaded on top of original board or do wehave to do a fresh install?
    Im new to VB so not really sure how to add new board to server without losing sql info
  3. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    no, always these premoded release needs a fresh installation.
  4. cvdvmp3

    cvdvmp3 New Member

    For those who can't Download from rapidshare(eps those in singapore) here's the incl.keygen.ver on a rapidshare premium link generator.

    Free Rapidshare Premium Link Generator

    OR any of you guys could just upload at MEGAUPFOOL.(I wrote MEGAUPLOAD before):D
    Try using IE if it doesn't work.
  5. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    megaupload is banned here, it sucks , try posting a megaupfool link
  6. Kerfur

    Kerfur New Member

    Very Thanks :) now im going to install this :) Yeah ! :p
  7. xxman

    xxman New Member

    Useful stuff J.Black, thanks a lot.
  8. nik8853

    nik8853 New Member

    Hello, I hv Downloded And Installed This Modded Version, But M Getting Some Error On My Main Page Forum Is Working Fine Home Page Index.php Its Giving Some Error And How To Delete Default User Vbteam When i try to delete or Change the pw its giving Me Database Error

    Getting This Error
    MySQL Error : Table 'nik$%#$%.inferno_user' doesn't exist
  9. Digitals

    Digitals New Member

    When shall we expect 3.7 version ? :)
  10. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    if you delete the default user you fucked up the system, these is an error from RPG Inferno, the user doesn´t exist there, unistall and delete all from your FTP and phpMyAdmin, for the user don´t delete it, just go to user search and find vBTEAM user and change the name to yours
  11. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    when that vB 3.7.0 Gold is released, i made that choise because they will find security fixes for that, and if GYSN release a Beta version i will try to mod that, but think about that the most of hacks in vb 3.6.x will won´t work properly in vb 3.7.0 Beta, just be patience
  12. FileGrabber

    FileGrabber New Member

    even licensed holders are waiting for this :rolleyes: so you have to wait more from gysn/vbteam :p
  13. ghostay

    ghostay New Member

    Are there old files in it just asking cuz i am gonna use this it ROX
  14. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    what do you say? it´s the latest version , theres no old files, vb 3.7 isn´t released yet in vbulletin.com
  15. Power-Inside

    Power-Inside New Member

    Need an alternative download link other than rapidshare. Rapidshare never works with my dynamic IP of mine... So if someone could give both the keygen and normal version as an attachment or someother mirror OTHER than rapidshare.com , megaupload.com or Deposit Files .

    I would recommend downtown.vc

    remember the 5th rule of this forum...

    So thanks in advance. :)
  16. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    yes, but if file exceeds the size limit (10MB) then you need to use other hosts, i have dynamic IP i can download there, and those files are 18MB so i always follow the rules.
  17. nasky

    nasky New Member


    I newbie and can´t upload de database to my server

    I probe with the file compress and the uncompress and don´t work

    This is the error when upload test.sql compress

    Hay la posibilidad de que usted haya encontrado un error en el intérprete de SQL. Por favor examine cuidadosamente su consulta, y verifique que las comillas están siendo usadas adecuadamente y hacen juego. Otra posible causa del fallo es que usted este subiendo un archivo con datos binarios por fuera del área de texto delimitado. Intente su consulta en la interfaz de comandos de MySQL. La salida generada por el servidor de MySQL, de existir, aparece abajo, en cuyo caso puede ayudar a diagnosticar el problema. Si aún tiene problemas o el intérprete falla en tanto que en la interfaz de comandos funciona, por favor reduzca la salida de su consulta de SQL a la consulta que genera el problema, y envíe un reporte de error con la cadena de datos en la sección de CORTE indicada abajo:
    ----INICIO DEL CORTE----
    ----FIN DEL CORTE----
    ERROR: C1 C2 LEN: 2 3 415
    CVS: $Id: sqlparser.lib.php,v 2.36 2005/08/08 20:22:11 lem9 Exp $
    MySQL: 5.0.45-log
    PMA: 2.6.4-pl3
    PHP VER,OS: 4.3.10-200.schlund.1 Linux
    LANG: es-utf-8
    SQL: PK����Bvm7λ:�ɿ��a�����test.sqlĽ��6�6��WQ��ў!H�$gb~xgz�u�����=e�Ī�$�"U���%�;��R )�;���C�$	�I$�|s������z������������7w/�k��]�;��.�?y���~�����߉�پU�o~��{�K�����K�n�۴�j��v�W��z�o����S��ժ������H�
    !ߤI��Uw���#���%�o�SZ���&\��w��|���������e_}��k���׿|��?����o��������?��������O�?~5>�?W]-�U�v����K�o����?v��ꏇJ髇Mu���u��~�V������㷟>�}���8����Www�E#4�_�]��$_�w]��w?���ݏ?����X7�ݻ�����ḕ�m��F���ϴ�m�}��/���~������uw�~|��s|���w�_����O?�}�o��������?���_��I�۟��c1����Uu�M�`��X�ɡ�\o��~��n��߁ձo���Po�]�:�[�}���KuX=W��L���ǎ�_�Ϧ���v/?�����y�x��M��To�a].D��K���fS_;�v-��7:|f�-������կ�?Ā:�_��ޏ��al�f�,G�u��)7�ݏb ����O"�w׏�a�ݏ��ӧ��~��W0��
    ----FIN DEL VOLCADO----
    consulta SQL:
    PK����Bvm7λ:�ɿ��a�����test.sqlĽ��6�6��WQ��ў!H�$gb~xgz�u�����=e�Ī�$�"U���%�;��R )�;���C�$ �I$�|s������z������������7w/�k��]�;��.�?y���~�����߉�پU�o~��{�K�����K�n�۴�j��v�W��z�o����S��ժ������H� !ߤI��Uw���#���%�o�SZ���&\��w��|���������e_}��k���׿|��?����o��������? ��������O�?~5>�?W]-�U�v����K�o����?v��ꏇJ髇Mu���u��~�V������㷟 >�}���8����Www�E#4�_�]��$_�w]��w?���ݏ?����X7�ݻ�����ḕ�m��F���ϴ�m�}��/���~������uw�~|��s|���w�_����O?�}�o��������?���_��I�۟��c1����Uu�M�`��X�ɡ�\o��~��n��߁ձo���Po�]�:�[�}���KuX=W��L���ǎ�_�Ϧ���v/?�����y�x��M��To�a].D��K���fS_;�v-��7:|f�-������կ�?Ā:�_��ޏ��al�f�,G�u��)7�ݏb ����O"�w׏�a�ݏ��ӧ��~��W0��
    MySQL ha dicho: Documentación
    #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'PK' at line 1
    What´s happen?

  18. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    upload the uncompressed database, the MySQL host database has problems, so upload the other one
  19. nasky

    nasky New Member

    Thanks for the response but the uncompressed database has a size of 10265 KB and de maximum of my server it´s 8192 KB. I try to do this but don´t work. The response is "
    "There was no consultation sql"

    Also I open the database uncompressed with text editor and copy to "execute consultation" but don´t work the same result, "There was no consultation sql"
  20. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    it´s your host problem use this

    First you need to create a new directory called database or whatever you want upload there the database

    then create this file in note block

    // Database configuration
    $db_server "localhost";
    $db_name "your_database_name";
    $db_username "your_database_user";
    $db_password "your_database_pass";
    // Other Settings
    $filename "the_database.sql";  
    then save as bigdump.php and upload it to the database folder you have create it, it will work, don´t forget to edit the Text in Red according to you, if you have problems upload it to your web root "public_htm" or "www", or use this tutorial How do I upload a VERY large database? - Powered By Kayako SupportSuite

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