[VBTEAM] vBulletin 3.6.8 PL2 Premoded & Precoded SEO Version

Discussion in 'vB 3.6.X Releases' started by J.Black, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    it´s only for keygen versions, it adds a License number to all php files just like vBulletin 3.6.8 PL2 Inc.Keygen Nulled By GYSN, to make a null release look like an original edition of vBulletin, just run the keygen this will make the whole work, all the mods are installed. only for those who wants the keygen version thats why the "*", the normal version has all included just the difference is that the php files doens´t have a license
  2. mnm

    mnm New Member

    Thx for all your works...
    Just wanna know it's possible or ways to use bluesaint skin
    integrated with the hacks and addons??
  3. zetsu216

    zetsu216 New Member

    Thanks for the replied J.Black.
  4. FileGrabber

    FileGrabber New Member

    i think keygen version is better even that your hosting provie checked out your vb files they will definitely think that this is a valid license. hehehe
  5. zetsu216

    zetsu216 New Member

    How to install vBavanced CMPS? Why? Because I don't know which one is index.php!

     Open your [b]index.php[/b] file in this folder and find: $forumpath = '';
    Add the full path to your forum on your server between the '' marks here.
    By the way,
    You forgot to add: "Invite System" mod on your list.. ;D
  6. hugos

    hugos New Member

    Thank you very much

    it s prefect good
  7. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    the index file in root not the forum/index.php an thank you i forget that
  8. zetsu216

    zetsu216 New Member

    Hello, J.Black,

    Can you upload all the mods on an archive? Because many of them is updated and some I can't find it here.
  9. FileGrabber

    FileGrabber New Member

    Hi J.Black - you know I like this premodded version. It's almost complete!

    However, are you planning to have a second version using vbseo 3.1.0?
  10. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    yeah! and the new i´ll add the Blue Wonder Side Bar Skin, i´ll wait until GYSN release the version of vBSEO
  11. Freeze

    Freeze New Member

    Thank you for releasing this.
  12. FileGrabber

    FileGrabber New Member

    Alright... vbseo 3.1 released already :)
  13. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    i see, the second release it will be for 15/12/07, i will include some other things also the vBulletin 3.6.8 GYSN version if it´s released in the next days, so be patient, thank you for using this
  14. FileGrabber

    FileGrabber New Member

    maybe 3.7.0b will be released then :p
  15. KrazyFire

    KrazyFire New Member

    be patience matey he is doing his best and good for the community
  16. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    yes, it think actually that, since the last bugs fixed in 3.6.8 i think i will wait a little more to see what happens, it doesn´t have sense if i release a second version in 3.6.8 when the 3.7 is released so i will think about that, the release for GYSN version is in time. so wait until 15/12/07, thanks
  17. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    no, all the hacks need´s template edits, if you want to install that skin you need to edit the templates manually.
  18. RedSec

    RedSec New Member

    Ahhhh yes, very thanks for this release ;)
  19. sendog

    sendog New Member

    thanks J.Black for this release... it's so good!
  20. FileGrabber

    FileGrabber New Member

    by the way, i have question... why cannot to un-install casino?

    In the package there´s a folder named "docs" these contains all the products installed so if you uninstall one you´ll be able to install again
    (Don´t uninstall "Casino")

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