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Discussion in 'Discussion & Feedback' started by .v0id, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    Hi there,

    We need some graphics to promote vBTEAM;

    • Small buttons, ranging from 36x8px to 104x20px
    • Signature buttons
    • Large buttons (up to 120x60px)
    • + some other graphics :)
    Can be both animated and non animated (would prefer no animation).

    I hope you will all come up with some great ideas :)

    Just upload ready image as an attachement in your replies.
  2. Error 404

    Error 404 New Member

    No problem. I will do some today ;)
    Cheers Void.

    EDIT: Here is the 1st try ;)
    Rar got .PSD/.PNG
  3. Error 404

    Error 404 New Member

    There goes 2nd one.
    As always, RAR got .PSD and .PNG
  4. xJeftabx

    xJeftabx New Member

    Here's a 88x33 button!
  5. PMK

    PMK New Member

    Is Time To Help Vbteam ;D!

    Here 120x60 Banner
  6. PMK

    PMK New Member

    Here, Another. 120 x 60
  7. Ac!dRa!n

    Ac!dRa!n New Member

    not one of my best :)

  8. moiz615

    moiz615 New Member

    Some of my n00b designer work
  9. shaun166

    shaun166 New Member

    gosh this 2 is nice!
  10. testoo

    testoo New Member


    second one
  11. I like this one. Maybe add .info in there somewhere.
  12. PMK

    PMK New Member

    Thanks. I added the text of vbteam.info and other banner.

    dRAGONtAMER New Member

    Let me try too.... will post some soon... ;)
  14. JontyM

    JontyM New Member

    Here are my two attempts, nothing too nice, just a quick 2 minuiter.

    PAKIS-RULEZ New Member

    to be honest it is kinda sad to see my work deleted from this thread.....

    Read above quotes on what u wrote and what u asked for***

    if u didn't like my type of work put no mature content in the fucken advertisement.....

    Don't put great ideas....

    N i am not sorry for what i am writing this is the truth.
  16. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    Oh come on, do you really think this forum is sexy and should be advertised that way?

    It's obvious it should be SFW, as there are children on this site + we are really a vBulletin website ONLY.
  17. ryu

    ryu New Member

    The ones by PMK catches my eyes.
  18. rinunez

    rinunez New Member

    I Love The PMK Works!!!

    Actually, He Made a Logo for my Forum xD

    I Support It.

    PS: PMK Works are Like a Tina Turner Song. SIMPLY THE BEST!!!
  19. codeleakers.com

    codeleakers.com New Member

    i am a professional GFX designer and will be happy to do some for u, wut colors would u like? any? or are u keeping this scheme?

    just let me know!
  20. myst

    myst New Member

    i know i don't really do much on this site, but when i saw this, i had to put something in. hope you like.

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