vBSEO 2.0 Style Available Now - Web 2.0 Themed

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    vBSEO 2.0 Style Available Now - Web 2.0 Themed


    Now that the vBSEO Style 1.0 PRO has been released for all vBulletin users absolutely free, we also want to make available our new Web 2.0 themed vBSEO 2.0 style exclusively to vBSEO customers for free.

    The vBSEO 2.0 style has that Web 2.0 feeling you've been looking for. Update the logo, change some color settings, and you are well on your way to making your forum a Web 2.0 convert.

    Like vBSEO's original 1.0 legacy template, it's simple and streamlined, a transformation achieved while actually minimizing the number of changes to the default vB template. This up to date design will remind your visitors of the many other Web 2.0 sites they have been visiting, instantly convincing them that your forum is a quality one to visit, and allowing them to quickly navigate the forum, identifying the content that will get them started posting.

    If you have been struggling to make your forum look professional, then the vBSEO 2.0 style is just want you need.

    After years of web developers getting really graphics intensive, the new Web 2.0 trend is towards a more straightforward and easy to understand experience. No more websites designed to be displayed in art galleries if you truly want your users to find what they are looking for fast and easy, and have them stick around to participate!

    With the vBSEO 2.0 style your visitors can "stick" around!

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