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Discussion in '3.8.x Free Styles' started by Sandlizard, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Sandlizard

    Sandlizard New Member


    I was just messing around with the old skin PSP by vbskinworks didnt fell like updating the whole skin so i just put something together thought someone could use it. I added a image in the background and left some stuff out. If i decide to do anymore work on it i will post it in this thread. Enjoy

    And yes there is a psd
  2. codeleakers.com

    codeleakers.com New Member

    awesome! i actually run a psp website, mostly for hax and shit, but check it out if you want. its wild and uncensored madness.

    its my name www.codeleakers.com

  3. EviL_WaLdO

    EviL_WaLdO New Member

    ill like to see how this turns out^
    *When Staff Sees This*

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