Unix or Windows Hosting?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting Forum' started by electra, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. electra

    electra New Member

    I am trying to decide between hosting packages, both Unix and Windows based. It is for a small business website, ecommerce required and I will be using Wordpress. I am not tech savvy (although I can read instructions and can do the occasional cut and paste), so high emphasis is on "ease of use". That said, I will be avoiding Frontpage, for example. I currently use XP and really have no Unix experience, so...

    Unix or Win hosting?

    Does it matter what OS I currently use? Is the control panel so intuitive it dfoesnt matter and most scripts auto-installed?

    Please advise...and sorry for the dumb question.
  2. hostaddonltd

    hostaddonltd New Member

    for one, licensing fees, perpetual upgrading that at times requires you to buy the next version.

    you can buy linux distros, but most of them have online checking programs that look for updates, patches, etc.. and they do not charge for this.

    it is also possible to simply update to the newest version of your distro online as well, just download via ftp the corresponding update packages or if its a source distro, install and you have an up-to-date system.
  3. wsiintra

    wsiintra New Member

    According to me Linux hosting is much better than windows because its more secure and safe than windows hosting.
  4. opserau

    opserau New Member

    I agree with wsiintra. Unix is ​​much more secure than Windows
  5. hughgrant

    hughgrant New Member

    I would prefer the Window Hosting. It something that they have a better website load up.
  6. dhruv8

    dhruv8 New Member

    Unix :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:
  7. annahussy

    annahussy New Member

    It is important to choose reliable and secure hosting platform to host your website. Security is one of the most important thing in hosting. For web hosting, Linux is free which is a little bit cheaper than windows, it also supports scripting language.
  8. Xtremer

    Xtremer New Member

    When it comes to hosting them I’d recommend Unix.

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