[TUT] Quick vBulletin install Guide

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Hoxxy, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    Quick vBulletin install Guide

    1.FTP all files to server
    If your not using the KeyGen version skip to step 6

    2.Chmod all files and folders to 777
    (except keygen.php)

    3.Open keygen.php in browser and hit the go button
    (this will insert a key to all nessesary files)

    4.Once done copy and paste the key and customer number to a text file and store somewhere safe <----Inportant and delete keygen.php

    5.Now Chmod all files back to 644 and folders to 755

    6.Open includes/config.php.new and edit with your details
    (there are how-to guidelines in this file telling you what goes where so should be easy to work out)

    7.Once this is done save and rename to config.php

    8.Go to install/install.php and open in browser
    you will see a page asking for your customer number
    (hope you did step 4...lol) enter c/n and press ok

    9.Now just follow the steps in the next few pages

    10.Once all this is done delete install/install.php file and rename install folder to something else for extra security

    Follow steps 1 to 7 above then...
    1. delete install/install.php
    2. Run install/upgrade.php and just follow the steps in the next few pages

    Well thats the basics, hope this has helped
  2. MetalGear

    MetalGear New Member

    i try to upgrade 3.6.9 to 3.8.1 and o got database error
    MySQL Error : Unknown column 'lastprefixid' in 'field list'

    what couse that
  3. Cokaric

    Cokaric New Member

    is this normal

    this was on step 5 on upgrade on the end after I renamed init.php
  4. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    Really says it all really!
  5. TrainerScape

    TrainerScape New Member

    I'll test an upgrade. Sec.
    Edit: Doesn't work on GYSN Just goes to AdminCP after Step 5.
  6. Endlesskiss

    Endlesskiss New Member

    I've opened keygen.php, a white page appears [contains nothing].
  7. MusicMan'

    MusicMan' New Member

    Ednlesskiss have you typed this into your browser 'www.yousitename.com/keygen.php' It should bring you to a site and when you done Done Ready to go, It might give you an error, it dosent actually matter if it does or not, but its always good to have it. Now go to www.yousitename.com/install/install.php and go thorugh the 13 steps!
  8. Oven

    Oven New Member

    After entering the Customnumber nothing happens ... anybody knows the problem?
  9. Ness

    Ness New Member

    Can someone skilled please edit my config.php for me?

  10. crzyvirus

    crzyvirus New Member

    hey quick question.dis is kinda noobish, but where is all the forums and like threads saved? like if i wer to upgrade will my forums still be there??
  11. AcidX

    AcidX New Member

    In your MYSQL Database
  12. Darkcoder

    Darkcoder New Member

    Excellent it will help me
  13. 3F72A12

    3F72A12 New Member

    dude i dount get it.do i need to open keygen in my internet browser or what.and i dount know were to get the key&custemer number
  14. ChopSuey

    ChopSuey New Member

  15. Grinderhand

    Grinderhand New Member

    When you run the keygen, after it has inserted the license number in all the files it will provide you with license and customer numbers. As Hoxxy said, be sure to save/record both numbers because you will need the customer number when you start the install.
  16. 3F72A12

    3F72A12 New Member

    ok i did all that.when i open install/install.php in browser i only get to the step 2 it says
  17. Grinderhand

    Grinderhand New Member

    Did you check to see if the MySQL server was on localhost or did it have a specific address? Most free sites have a server address you have to enter into config.php.
  18. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    And a "Access denied for user" means the details for the user and pass are wrong.

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