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    Welcome to .com, Inc!
    .com, Inc was founded in 2000, it is one of the biggest and famous providers of domain name registration and network services in China.We have provided the domain names as .com , .net , .org , .cn , , ,, , .cc , .biz,
    .info , .sh , .ac , .io , .ws , .name , .travel , .mobi , .tw , .hk etc.. All interna-
    tional and national domain names registered in .com, Inc. can immediately have VDNS (Virtual Domain Name Server) services of its Secondary Domain Name.
    If you be our diamond level reseller,you can get the prices of first package $1294, .cn:$5.3/year (first year: $0.39),.com:$6.6/year,.hk:$23.29 (first year: $11.77).

    Please contact us:

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