State of the Broadband Nation

Discussion in 'Discussion & Feedback' started by dark_hunter, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    I just got owned. :D
  2. relex

    relex New Member

    Here is my screen :D


    Yeah...... it's FAST!!
  3. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    You on fiber?
  4. relex

    relex New Member

    no, it's a bug in speedtest

    i have 10mbit but this month have i 20mbit :D
  5. data11

    data11 New Member

    It's meh... I would have wished for a higher download speed.
  6. Error 404

    Error 404 New Member


    Chity internet in college ;(
  7. ChopSuey

    ChopSuey New Member

    Mine Is The Slowest Of The SLow!

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