Spamming of forums for post count

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Hoxxy, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    Though this is very rare it seems NiTe-HaX thought he/she would spam the intros forum with 178 posts all the same welcoming members, assumablly to raise his/her post count, please note this sort of activaty will not be tolerated here @ vBTEAM and he/she is now had his/her a** banned for 6 months.

    We are nice enough to allow you to gain post count in this forum, so dont take the f**king p*ss.

    As of this post anyone one else found doing the same will be instantly banned for life!
  2. fiveboys

    fiveboys New Member

    OK, I will not do.
  3. akai531

    akai531 New Member

  4. elitemafia

    elitemafia New Member

    I hate people who is spamming the forum because of that. :-/

    I will not do that :sleepy:
  5. elitemaf

    elitemaf New Member

    Sorry, I had to create a new user... :blush:
  6. elitemaf

    elitemaf New Member

    6 month is a long time!
    But they who to that deserve it!
  7. henk5066

    henk5066 New Member

    no problem
  8. rajamin

    rajamin New Member

    as you say
  9. Mica1016

    Mica1016 New Member

    maybe I wll try to do that
  10. andii

    andii New Member

    I also hate them...
  11. pklein2

    pklein2 New Member

    Thanks for this notice
  12. swathyvignesh

    swathyvignesh New Member

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