Some givaways/gifts for this christmas?

Discussion in 'Main Staff Section' started by .v0id, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    Yeah, I was just reading and noticed some Black Friday (?) Givaways. Maybe we should do something like that here too? I don't have money for Limited GoW2 game, but something cheap and simple would be good, huh?

    I should be able to spend around 100$ for this...
  2. RS premium accounts seem to be the thing most people like.
  3. KrazyFire

    KrazyFire New Member

    welll u cant account sahre anymorei have about 12 emails from rs saying dont share account lol after so many of us used it :p
  4. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    Well, I was thinking about creating something like:
    1. user has to put a button/link/banner onto their website
    2. user has to submit their vBTEAM username, email, and link to the site they've linked to us (it would go through ssl, and would be put into secure database, so that Jelsoft won't get any info about them).
    3. sites would be verified
    4. 5 of them will be choosen randomly by the script.
    5. they will get their accounts.

    This sounds like a good plan for me, vBTEAM would get better SEO and PageRank and let people win free RS account.

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