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Discussion in 'Language Packs' started by Knele, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Knele

    Knele New Member

    Serbian language pack... :)

    by Knele
  2. Blazeme

    Blazeme New Member


    Eng: Thnx!

    Em... Just to make notice - for vB 3.7.0 RC 4
  3. nexus86

    nexus86 New Member

    Thanks very much.. i have been looking for this for months.. i seen other forums have it for private use but now i have it myself and i didnt have time to finish my own translation wich i started :)

    I will translate this to cyrillic too and upload here :)
  4. c0d3m4n

    c0d3m4n New Member

    great..thank you..
  5. Knele

    Knele New Member

    Serbian language ─ćirilica :)

    By Knele and Srbijabre
  6. pajdo

    pajdo New Member

    hvala hvala pozdrav

    thnx thnx and have a nice day :)
  7. besneza

    besneza New Member

    hvala za obe verzije ... thanks for bouht version
  8. Knele

    Knele New Member

    No problem`s... It`s easy... Very, very easy for me... ;)
  9. masterdb

    masterdb New Member

    Hvala thanks todah ;)
  10. Brakedirt

    Brakedirt New Member

    Thanks,you save a lot of my time with that translation.Poz iz obrenovca.

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