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Discussion in 'SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)' started by lilfabbro, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. lilfabbro

    lilfabbro New Member

    can sumone post or send me there working SEO settings so i know exactally how to do mine

    and there .htaccess

    i just need to get this working

    PLease Sombody help
  2. loganforand

    loganforand New Member

    Hi man, if you want I can do it for you, I helped out Arrogant-One he sent me his account details and i set it up for him, the pm got deleted afterwards.

  3. lilfabbro

    lilfabbro New Member

    why cant you just go to your vbseo settings and save page as (change all your URLS To sumthing like URL HERE) and same with .htaccess and then upload them here or send them to me

    logan IM me or anyone who can help

    [email protected]
  4. loganforand

    loganforand New Member

    I've decided not to help you, receiving pm's with smart ass comments isn't necessary, I don't mind giving up my time to help people but when people take the piss and have an attitude like yours you don't deserve my time.

  5. lilfabbro

    lilfabbro New Member

    *edit: In ANY way is this pissy or smart assy?? *end edit*

    this was the PM i sent to him and his reply

    i thought it was fair he set it up on my free server and then i use what he put

    i mean c'mon hes a noob here he's gotta earn trust b4 he gets it

    Eh no thanks, "now lets see if you can be trusted " I offered my help but if your not serious I'm not wasting my time..
    Originally Posted by lilfabbro
    Site: *************.org
    username: lilfabbro
    P/w: ***********
    Seo Config: http://************.org/vbseocp.php
    Seo p/w: *********
    Username: space_3669069
    P/w: ***********
    now lets see if you can be trusted
    This is not my real website, i pay for my site i have a .com, i dont think id give anyone this info to my real site, not even hoxxy.
    but you can set it up with that and ill use what you do

    well if anyone else could help me or post there stuff for me IM me or post here thx
  6. loganforand

    loganforand New Member

    "now lets see if you can be trusted"

    That summed it all up mate, smart comments like that arn't needed when all I was trying to do was help you and as I said before I already helped another user out, so if your not serious about my help don't waste my time. How can I work on changing my status from noob around here with your attitude.
  7. lilfabbro

    lilfabbro New Member

    wow in no way shape or form did i mean for that to sound rude

    i just meant your a noob here and helping a senior member would be a + in my book
  8. loganforand

    loganforand New Member

    Well sorry then man, I just picked up on that comment and taught you were being smart.. I'll do the settings on your test server if you still want?
  9. lilfabbro

    lilfabbro New Member

    yeah thx, do you still have the info, i appreciate it man
  10. loganforand

    loganforand New Member

    Hey man thats a weird one, everything is followed down to the tee everything is the same as mine and mine's running like a charm, even the same .htaccess. But still when you go into a forum get "page not found", I've also tired a number of changes which hasn't made a difference. It's something to do with your host I think you should contact them and ask them about their php config file it sounds like somethings disabled on their side thats causing the issue. Sorry i couldn't help much beyond that, but users don't have access to their hosts php information files to make changes.

  11. lilfabbro

    lilfabbro New Member

    well my real site i believe i have all access (hostmonster) but its still giving me the same crap

    thx for trying tho man i appriciate it

    so ill show some love
    thanked all your posts even the ones we were arguin lol
  12. loganforand

    loganforand New Member

    Thanks man for that and again sorry for the confusion, I'd suggest contacting your official host explain to them the issue and they could make suggestions of what would be the correct settings for the .htaccess or on their side..

    If you need anything else please don't hesitate to contact me.
  13. eddiecrosby

    eddiecrosby New Member

    I decided not to help, receiving h with smart ass comments is not necessary, I do not mind giving my time to help people, but when people take the piss and have an attitude like yours, you do not deserve my time.

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