1. What would everyone think about installing the hack that forces users to read the rules before registering? I believe there is a hack that puts a link in a post to force users to read rules also. I am finding more and more people posting in the wrong places and reposting the same stuff over and over again. Most likely from people that join to get quick help and rush through registration.

    Stress the use of the search box and posting in the correct sections. Also, inform members about using the Thanks button instead of replying thanks. There have been many comments on this one. :)

    I'd be willing to type them up if no one else wants to.

    Maybe using the infraction system more would get users to start posting in the correct spots?

    What do you think?
  2. GgAcE

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  3. Lol, honestly I didn't even see that post. :) You do make some good points though GgAcE. Some people don't look hard enough for the correct sections or may not understand what is too be asked in certain sections.

    I agree that maybe adding some descriptions or rearranging some forums around might make it a little more "user-friendly" and would definitely cut down on posts in the wrong sections.

    I like the idea of using the Thanks buttons too just because I get annoyed looking through new posts to find ones that just say Thanks for this or Great job etc....Also adding that users should open a new thread for support for a hack or style instead of posting in the release thread would be good.

    Anways, if anyone else has suggestions, feel free to add them.
  4. GgAcE

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    The only reason I bring this is up is because even though you FORCE a page to pop-up, doesn't mean people will read it. I just as much as everyone else ASSUME it's common sense & they click accept or what not. I think we should exhaust all other options before we result to forceful popups (I understand it's a one time shot but I don't think it will help).
  5. Sorry, I'm not saying have a popup. I thought there was a hack where you can force a user to read the rules before certain tasks like posting etc...like the Cyb hack, but then you can also click a link to force them to read rules from their postbit. This would be for members posting in the wrong sections and things like that.

    So, they would be required to read the rules before posting or at registration but we would also have the option to make them read the rules at anytime for posting in the wrong sections or for not searching first, sort of like a reminder to pay attention to what your doing. :)
  6. GgAcE

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    Ok I gotcha now.

    But honestly, how many people will read the rules & how many will just look for the "accept" button? Granted it's probably going to get SOME people to read it.

    I say go for it either way, couldn't hurt.

    I wonder if their is one that will allow us to click a button so the next move the person makes they need to read the rules (kind of like you said). This way the constant repeaters will relize "oh shit.... I messed up AGAIN!".
  7. The rules page won't allow you to click Accept for a specified amount of time so they will have to look at the page for that long lol. Maybe that will get it too sink into their head. The idea of I messed up AGAIN is kind of what I'm trying to get across so that they pay attention more. Also, using the infraction system might make them more apt to post in the correct sections as well. I'm going to install the rules thing on a test board later today and post a link to see what ya'll think. I gotta do a bunch of work today though, so it will be much later this afternoon.

    The hack I'm thinking off does make them read the rules before doing anything else I believe, I'll have to search for it again. It might be included in the Cyb hack already but I don't have it installed anywhere to check for sure.
  8. GgAcE

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    I think a few justified infractions would hammer it into their heads. Possibly phases of infractions such as

    First offence: Warning
    Second offence: 1 point (expires in 30 days)
    Third offense: 3 points (expires in 30 days
    Fourth offence: 5 points (Expires never) = 24 hours off

    Something to that effect.
  9. I put some rules together here:

    Forums - Forum Rules

    Could probably use a little editing but I think I covered all the basics.

    The cyb hack adds a link in the member profiles to force them to read the rules again if need be.
  10. GgAcE

    GgAcE New Member

    I see no problem with those rules.

    Nice job!

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