RotondoStyle - Blue Round Style 3.8.3

Discussion in '3.8.x Free Styles' started by MobileHacks, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. MobileHacks

    MobileHacks New Member

    Brought to you from the italian


    • Upload the folder "RotondoStyle" inside your "images" folder.
    • Import XML Style
  2. Chri5

    Chri5 New Member

    The left side of the forum border is missing.

    Sorry, nvm

    Thanks for the theme. Very easily costomizable.
  3. Muhannad

    Muhannad New Member

    Thank You MobileHacks
  4. matthevv

    matthevv New Member

    hi, i'm the owner of ... thanks for posting my style here... i'm happy that many of you like it!

    please pm me if you need a custom - professional - paid style!

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