Registration will be closed! + IP Logging & Banning

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by .v0id, May 11, 2009.

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    Due to more spam, leechers and lamers on vBTEAM, we had to take some steps to stop all this from happening.

    From 18th of May registration will be closed, and will be reopened every weekend on following intervals:

    Weekdays (Mon-Fri) registration will be disabled allowing guests only to view threads and posts.

    Weekends (Sat,Sun) registration will be enabled allowing users to register and have full access to forums.

    This will be repeated every week until further notice.


    So far we did not log any IP Addresses on our server at all, however with so much spam and leechers we had to enable it again. Your address will be logged only in the forum database (not apache logs) and will be used only for stopping all that stupid people from doing what they are doing.

    Your IP will never be published and/or used in any way against you!


    We hope all this will encourage our current members to participate much more in our community and all the lamers and leechers will go somewhere else or re-think their behavior. If you're one of good members, there is nothing to worry about :)
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    This was written by over a year ago, why didn't someone delete it? :huh:
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    I agree with you
  4. andii

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    This is old threads moderators please delete this thread?

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