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Discussion in 'Discussion & Feedback' started by Hoxxy, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    Just to let all you Noobs and idiots out there know we do have different forum sections for a reason...

    alot of you dont seem to realise this so heres a shortlist of what sections we have and a short description of what is to be posted in these forum sections!

    vBTEAM Staff/forum announcements

    General Discussion
    This forum is for general discussion....(not for requesting something)!

    General vBulletin Discussion & Articles
    This forum is for discussion such as how to? and tutorials!

    vBulletin 3.7.X Category
    This section is for 3.7.x new releases, styles and mods/hacks only....(not for requesting something)!

    vBulletin 3.6.X Category
    This section is for 3.6.x new releases, styles and mods/hacks only....(not for requesting something)!

    vBulletin Extras
    This section is for compatible scripts, languages, arcade games and GFX (not for requesting something)!

    Requests Category
    This section is for......yes you guest it...requests!!!!!
    yes believe it or not we have a request use it!

    Other languages
    This section is dedicated to those that dont speak English.

    Trash & Testing
    I think you can work this one out for yourselves!

    I know to alot of you this post may seem a little stupid but many of you don't seem to realise this or think....

    "well if I post a request in the other forums maybe I will get what I want quicker"

    this is not the case I personally skip a request post if its in the wrong section!

    All vBteam staff and alot of dedicated vBTEAM members try our hardest to help you with problems or get you what you want/need and sometimes even go out of our way to install boards and mods for you so please do us a favour and start posting in the correct forums!

    anyway thats enough of my moaning.....

  2. ermali86

    ermali86 New Member

    and dont forget to add :

    For Requesting ALWAYS USE BEFORE the Search Box (or add search.php if the search box is not working) to search if the request you are making exists or not.
  3. Boss_013

    Boss_013 New Member

    Yes its really a bad. if u post helps in vBulletin stuffs section. i always check request How to section for helping ppls.
    and i am noticed that many peoples ask same question[the Legacy_Postbit
    its happen they not searching it.
  4. Ben10

    Ben10 New Member

    ok dear i will not post in any wrong section :)
  5. al3bed

    al3bed New Member

    ok dear i will not post in any wrong section :(
  6. RSC

    RSC New Member

    Reading Reading, Error >>> Spam :p

    Nice, good info for teh noobs :)
  7. Nightvision

    Nightvision New Member

    You could also close or remove all topics ...

    On my own forum, when a Member post a request on the wrong forum section, topic will be removed (or closed) and i (or the mods) send them an PM with a warning message. If it happens again, i give them infraction (even sometimes, a few days ban). I also reset (for those stupid posters) their read forum rules settings so they need to read the forum rules again.
  8. aying

    aying New Member

    it's very annoying when you saw request posted on a designated sections without searching first if it is already available. Thanks Hoxxy for posting this info!
  9. Devestation

    Devestation New Member

    Well, tyvm for clarifying it ;)
  10. kahn

    kahn New Member

    Not sure calling potential members 'idiots' is the best approach. Why not just move said requests to the request section with note beneath explaining why. I thought vbteam was here to 'help' noobs or do I have that part wrong. Nightvision seems to have a sane approach if keeping members is your goal.

  11. Filez

    Filez New Member

    After a new member signs up they should make sure they understand the Rules before proceeding. I have not seen anywhere on here where someone can not ask a question to a VB Team staff and not get a reply. I think this is more directed to members with posts already who still seem they cant find the right place to post,request.

    I also think and agree sometimes it takes a bit of harshness to get people to realize they need to do what is right. Almost no one here uses the Search Feature which is one of the best features for a board like this..with all the mods, themes, versions, topics. Members could find easily what they want but do they no instead they make redundant post requesting things and doing it in the wrong section.

    Also to cover another topic the thanks button is there for everyones use and sometimes it is used but more than not no one uses it to let the porvider, uploaded,creator know its appreciated. I dont believe there is a need to make a reply to say thanks, awesome, etc. The thanks button does this nicely without adding more to the db....

    Oh and do not ever disrespect anyone whom takes time out of their normal lives to bring you something you cant afford or do not want to pay for. On my sites that is instant Ban.
  12. kahn

    kahn New Member

    Two things seem inevitable with a truly international site like vBTEAM. Some new members will just post requests where ever they feel inclined or might not have the linguistics to understand the rules. I do see how this gets frustrating for staff here but harshness just brings on more of the same and generally makes the site feel less welcoming to others who do follow the rules.

    I may be wrong of course as I've never run an international site myself but I would think, moving the post to the right area or just locking the thread might be a better incentive to others to follow said rules. Those whom persistently break the rules or don't have any manners deserve to be banned.

    Again, this is just my view..

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