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Discussion in 'vB Graphics' started by mastram, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. mastram

    mastram New Member

    Those background brushes are all included, and the crown for admin too.

    Fonts used: Arno Pro, Teutonic no3.
    (you'll need these fonts installed to edit the psd)
  2. SakuraKaze

    SakuraKaze New Member

    really nice bro!
  3. Immigrante

    Immigrante New Member

    wow u got busy there very nice .
  4. Murdoc

    Murdoc New Member

    Thank you for the share very nice, Looks like you out some work in them.
  5. giraffesyo

    giraffesyo New Member

    Very very nice, I love the different options you gave by layer visibility.
  6. These are great, probably the best designed ranks I've seen.

    Good work!
  7. Vandey

    Vandey New Member

    These ranks are amazing I love these thanks!
  8. heyboy

    heyboy New Member

    Thanks man nice stuff
  9. ali ahmed

    ali ahmed New Member

    thanks too much
  10. kamrandahir

    kamrandahir New Member

    wow awesome man awesome

    RAINBOW New Member

    thank u...lovely..
  12. kuncen

    kuncen New Member

    Mantab...2 thumbs up
  13. Titeuf49

    Titeuf49 New Member

    is possible to up font, please ?
    Thank you,
  14. pfft i loled

    pfft i loled New Member

    why did you only post one font?
  15. Kena

    Kena New Member

    here are the attachements.

    great work but could you make an "Haxxor" image rank please?

    many thanks!
  16. A R O N A

    A R O N A New Member

    hey guys , it's nice but a little small , can anyone upload all PSD in larger size ?
  17. kyismaster

    kyismaster New Member

    Holy shiz there nice :] good job man
  18. Boa

    Boa New Member

    Great work m8. Much appreciated
  19. __DoN__

    __DoN__ New Member

    nice bro........................
  20. vavio

    vavio New Member

    can someone tell me how can i install them?

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