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    As our Order Upload plugin is among the Most Favorite extension for Virtuemart, we understand that many Virtuemart developers also want to have a special Joomla template for online Printing Company. Netbase team decided to create one of the best effective Virtuemart template for this niche market and we name "Netbase Printmart Virtuemart templates".
    For online printing website, a simple and professional layout without cheesy colors is recommended. Shopper can chose to see various samples of printing design and services like brochure printing, business card printing, voucher printing with the exact size default. Or users can chose different size, style, color, paper materials...Then the shopper can upload their designs to bind to each of product or with the order sent to services printer.
    Base on the graphic designs sent by shopper to printing services supplier, the supplier can charge base on quantity of printed versions. Which the combination of Joomla CMS, Virtuemart for product management, and Order Upload plugin from Netbase team, the Netbase Printmart Virtuemart template become a perfect solution for small online printer company who need cheap cost on website development with effective functions.
    Just replace the logo and you can have another Printmart style for your Virtuemart 2.x.x shop. And you can hire us to make custom change, or development for your own site.
    Features Introduction:
    - Frontpage Banners Slideshow with many transformer effects. This module will help shop owners to introduce news special products, events, big sale promotions in a large view and bring the first impression to website visitors.
    - Mega Menu on Template header is so powerful to help us display as much as featured links as possible. The Menu also can included video clips, products images...
    - Search product Instant with Ajax Search Module for Virtuemart, just type in product keyword and you can see the thumbnail and product name drop down as a search result. This module is developed by Netbase team for Virtuemart 2 and included in Fashiomart templates package.
    - Bind Images/ design files together with the Check Out Pages via the Order Upload Plugin included with this templates as a complete solution for Printmart Template. After order completed, admin can retrieve the uploaded images via Order Management in Virtuemart Back End.
    - Packaged with Product Slide Show in Front Pages, Social Network Button on every pages, your Facebook, Youtube, Twitter account to be linked in footer.

    -Product Image Zoom Effect
    Give your shopper a chance to explore product in magnificient view! This plugin is included for all Virtuemart templates, no core hack.
    -Powerfull Mega Menu
    For your convinience to set up store menu , add new items, modules, photos and video clips in to your menu. Mega menu is a big improvement to Virtuemart templates
    -Multiple Template Color
    We have excellent in-house designers who tailer-made different colors theme for the same template. You can use your template for different branding.
    -Keep Joomla template
    Do not want to change the whole layout, just want to use our core Virtuemart theme for detail page, browse page, cart page, check out page...then just upload and replace.
    -Instant Ajax Search
    Exclusive module to perform instant Ajax search functions on your shop. You client will be very happy to find instant products they are looking for with keyword.
    -Virtuemart Custom Fields
    Keep using powerfull Virtuemart Custom Fields while enjoying charming design from our improvement.
    -Multilanguage support
    Joomla now support Multilanguage features in core functions, and Virtuemart also does that well, our templates also touch that.
    -Tab inside
    Your discription is too long, and want to arrange your content in tab, then you are free to use tab with our template packages, it so simple with demo tab product.
    -Ajax Drop Down Shopping cart
    Improve how the shopper add to cart and have great experience while shopping online with Ajax add-to -cart drop down.
    -Ajax Product Filter
    Browse throughout products category, chose to see products that have custome fields, colors, size...with instant results loading onsite.
    -Improved Rating & Review System
    More charming icons and improved layout for rating star and reviews from your shopper. Customers testimonials is a great part of sale.
    Want to adapt to different shoper screen view, our category Listing page can be view in different type just by chosing the type of view


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