Pharaonic Egypt

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    Tanis Tanis, the capital of Egypt for more than 350 a year and is considered one of the most powerful ancient capitals
    Humanize the current or Tanis was the capital of Egypt, and was named Sun and the large number of stones which the Arabs called the Sun Stone , and Tanis was mentioned in the Bible Old Testament name of Zoan in Isaiah 19:11 13 And also Isaiah 30:4 and Ezekiel 30:14.
    The Sun is one of the stone villages of the city center Husseiniya, located at a distance of 32 km from the city of Fakous and about 150 km to the north-east of Cairo.

    The Tanis Oossan stone capital of the province the nineteenth of the lower regions of Egypt and some archaeological evidence suggests that the city due to its history

    To the old state where he found the stone blocks bearing the names of Kings Khufu, Khafre and the first Baby

    In the Middle Kingdom has found traces of the reign of kings Amenemhat I and Senusret I and went to the prosperity in the Age of Ramesses II to commemorate the visit of his father and grandfather of the city when his grandfather was a commander in the Army, Horemheb and his father is based on the affairs of this celebration that the time was an officer before he became King of Egypt on behalf of the City and the first painting set date for the visit year 1330 BC. m and remember to move 400 years of worship six in the god of this city and board arranged on the sovereignty of the country.
    And still to this day at Tanis of the city wall built by King milk Psusennes first and a thickness of seven meters and holds bricks his name.

    He built the temple of King Ramses II and the Great Temple and the Temple of small gods and curses of a large number of obelisks have additions to the temple took place in the era of single-family and twenty-sacred lake at Tanis is the only currently known in Delta, but devoid of water and the fact that the sacred lakes, despite the large number of small temples

    And is found in Tanis (Sun Stone) group storage wells of water required for the use of workers in the construction and the priests and staff who make the temple rituals of religious temples and royal tombs of the cemetery 22.21 families and some queens and princes and military commanders.
    And replete with a wide range of Tanis obelisks perhaps the most numerous of any other region has broken most of them result Time, earthquakes and destroy the invaders and the transfer of some of them to public places such as the Obelisk of Ramses II built in the garden of Andalusia and Mselth list at Cairo International Airport emerged as some of the obelisks also to decorate the fields of European, mostly Pink granite stone.

    The Bible (Torah) that the Jews who worked in the city of Tanis, but not settled historians determine who is out of Pharaoh? .

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