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Discussion in '3.8.x Free Styles' started by NuKeLeO, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. NyCrAzY

    NyCrAzY New Member

    What do I do with vbulletin-plugins.xml?
  2. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

    import it as a product?
  3. kolosek

    kolosek New Member

    very nice skin, but i have some problems :(

    1. with CMPS (backgrounds are transparent)
    2. for me more important --> long content stored in CODE in some post deformation entire page :(
    CODE is in one line and thats my problem...i need to reduce this
  4. kriDje

    kriDje New Member

    You can edit the transparent background by changing 'First Alternating Color' and 'Second Alternating Color' in the Main CSS option. But it will not be as pretty as you wish.

    This is my original FORUMHOME and CMPS:

    View attachment 13324

    View attachment 13325

    After changing the background color from 'Second Alternating Color' to #FFFFFF:

    View attachment 13326

    View attachment 13327

    After changing the background color from 'First Alternating Color' to #FFFFFF:

    View attachment 13328

    View attachment 13329

    You see, it's not beautiful; but you can change it. Maybe anyone here has a better idea for the Main CSS Options?
  5. kolosek

    kolosek New Member

    yea thnx :)
    i used
    #f2f3f5  url(nukeleo/tbl/bit/bit_thead_bg.png) repeat-x
    and do u know what with my "code" problem?? --> FIXED :)
  6. bugatino

    bugatino New Member

    I used your style in V.B.B 3.8.2! I can't move theard:
    "Please complete the title field for this thread."
    Please fix it! Thank u!
  7. Knele

    Knele New Member

    where can I change logo size? I need 400x100???

    this is what show's to me


    and this is my full logo

  8. Xexiu

    Xexiu New Member

    This style is dominating, but it has some problems with v3.8.2. On blog and on Groups, the templates are bad coded. Can you please fix this problem?

    Thank you :).
  9. cornishman

    cornishman New Member

    I have adapted the theme to work with vBAdvanced, works well.
    However, there is a serious problem with newthread/newreply. It loses theme totally. Simply plain text on plain white background.
    Studied the code and for the life of me I can't see where the error lies.
  10. mankan

    mankan New Member

    hey man how you change background ???

    and yea that would be good for the logo thing
  11. KJThaDon

    KJThaDon New Member


    The background supplied is not sufficient for higher resolution displays. I would suggest doing like I have and replacing the background with a wider one, then using a format like this

    background:#010408 url(../misc/bg3.jpg) fixed repeat-x;
    Here I have added a color to take up the blank space the bottom of my background image wouldn't fill in, make sure it is a color that will blend in.

    Also the transparent background when adding shoutbox and other mods is not going to work to well, if you really want it to look good you will have to recode every mod that needs to use the theme

    I've done the chatbox so far..
  12. akilis

    akilis New Member

    can i have a look at your site ?
  13. KJThaDon

    KJThaDon New Member

    I'll pm you a link
  14. Ahmed Hassan

    Ahmed Hassan New Member

    However, as the attached file is Altazil can not find nothing inside
  15. Ahmed Hassan

    Ahmed Hassan New Member

    I'm sorry
    Was the fault of my own
    Thanks very
  16. Dash

    Dash New Member

    I love the style. I'm having a slight issue though.

    Every time I do a 'My Post' type search, all of my search boxes don't form to the length of the post and they end up stacking over each other text wise as the boxes only fit 2 lines of whatever post they're trying to show.

    Not sure what to do to fix that.

    CSYICKER New Member

    Pefectomundo 1000/1000
  18. Pretty sweet theme thanks for this :D
  19. Alfy16

    Alfy16 New Member

    What do I do with vbulletin-plugins.xml?

    Also, its not working right on my forum. The avatar will not show on the home page ext.

    Thanks in advanced,
  20. This is a great skin, absolutely, but there are a few things which still need to be fixed ;)

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