Nukeleo Vbulletin 3.8.0 Style

Discussion in '3.8.x Free Styles' started by NuKeLeO, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ZooM

    ZooM New Member

    Psd ?????????? :s :s
  2. jurse

    jurse New Member

    omg I AM FREAKING DROOLING HERE. very talented.
  3. napulitano

    napulitano New Member

    It's Beautiful!!
  4. chakru

    chakru New Member

    any screens please!!

    CHANCHAL87 New Member

    thanks bro nice post.
  6. solom

    solom New Member

    thanx Nice style
  7. chakru

    chakru New Member

    wow this skin is a piece of art!! super cool!!
  8. ultimatet

    ultimatet New Member

    Really want to see a working demo :)
  9. napulitano

    napulitano New Member

    I have a problem with vbadvanced...
  10. Shahim

    Shahim New Member

    i have this form of a right to left I wanted to.
    Because of Persian language I use when the Assembly to be a Persian transported pictures will be shown.
    pictures, which should be left on the right will be shown and pictures that should be on the right in the Left will be shown.
    Please solve my problem.
    i have a site to go to see yourself.

    With thanks.
  11. Shahim

    Shahim New Member

    No one will help me?
  12. gaura

    gaura New Member

    MAN NUKELEO. i am willing to pay you for making a new skin. please PM me if you want. this theme ROCKS!!!! honestly, no other theme on vbulletin is better!!!
  13. napulitano

    napulitano New Member

    Hi, How do i change the background? Thanks
  14. Kidd

    Kidd New Member

    Ok a great theme just to start.

    Now to the problem
    Where is the bg difined
    I have searched using vb
    Using dreamweaver,

    And NO WHERE
    can I find where bg3.jpg [The bg it uses] is located to edit. Even a replacement variable didnt work. More so as I wanted a png and not jpeg so I need to know where it is please.
  15. gaura

    gaura New Member

    bg3 is in /forumroot/nukeleo/misc/bg3.jpg
  16. Shahim

    Shahim New Member

    I also in the form of can’t BBCODE of the capability. buttons are active.
  17. Nub Cake

    Nub Cake New Member

    The Style is great and I would use it, but it doesn't work for vBadvanced 3.1.0. Do you have a fix for this?

    Nub Cake
  18. xalexlx

    xalexlx New Member

    amazing simply amazing
  19. XAKEP

    XAKEP New Member

  20. vuboy

    vuboy New Member

    Small problem with the calendar display. Current month looks fine but the other 2 are busting out. Same problem on the demo site posted above.
    Must poke around a bit to see if I can spot the issue.


    To fix:
    change 170% to 100%

    <td valign="top" class="bit_txt_bg" ><table width="170%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

    Hope this helps!

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