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    I would like to introduce my AutoInstaller which can pretty much do everything without even a single knowledge of any linux to install Nginx.

    Warning: Do not install the apache version as it is not fully complete. I plan to release the next build soon once i have fully coded the scripts. But the nginx part is fully coded so there should be no issues.

    x86_x64 ONLY! (64bit)

    • Install Nginx+PHP-FPM
    • Install Apache+Nginx+PHP-FPM
    • Install MySQL
    • Install Pure-FTPD
    • Install Ioncube
    • Install ImageMagick
    • Install Memcached
    • Install eAccelerator
    • Install phpmyadmin
    • Install Pure-FTPD Web Gui User Management
    • Install Prober
    • Install vhosts (simple installer)
    • Install Zend Optimizer
    • Auto Upgrade Nginx
    • Auto Upgrade PHP
    • Uninstall Script (Will Remove all traces of XllNginx Install)
    Versions of Software Include:
    • Nginx 1.0.15
    • MySQL 5.1.60
    • PHP 5.2.17
    • PHP-FPM 0.5.14
    • Memcache 3.0.6
    How to run & Install:
    Code: wget zxvf XllNginx.v1.0.tar.gzcd XllNginx.v1.0For Centos - sh centos.shI soon plan to add other distros, but CentOS is the most used which i based this on.

    Please use this as a beta which can be used for production, but may have some bugs. Last edited by Loonycgb2; Yesterday at 10:35 PM. this for centos 32 or 64 ? Sorry its meant for 64 bit os's
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    thanks for nice informtion i am also an php student and and this metrial is very helpfull for me

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