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Discussion in 'vBulletin 4 Discussion' started by .v0id, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Gh0st

    Gh0st New Member

    That style is alright, but my personal opinion is that it's not as good as the 3.x skin.
  2. cornishman

    cornishman New Member

    This one looks similar. Tabbed nav and header layout and CSS based FH.

  3. chakru

    chakru New Member

    well its kinda look similar yeah! ...
  4. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

    No, cos then they'd change the design.
  5. chakru

    chakru New Member

    Floris said that they are gonna release the first version of vb4 soon, so they wont consider over hauling or redesigning the style now at this point of time. May be later versions they may consider shifting the style..
  6. j0nty07

    j0nty07 New Member

    I'm intrigued with the move by Jelsoft to bring out their own CMS, though, I expect it was inevitable at some point, especially, as they have the blogs, social groups etc. I find it interesting because some of the other CMS out there struggle a little bit with smooth intergration/built in forum, blogging, social groups, gallery, etc.
  7. djchaos667

    djchaos667 New Member

    I might check it out and see what I think when it's nulled and here. Till then 3.8.2 is working fine for now.
  8. dangerbakili

    dangerbakili New Member

    omfg its going to be amazing.
  9. greatergood

    greatergood New Member

    In my personal opinion as a web Design student, Is that this theme looks very professional, Clean and I love the new layout, It makes everything Much easier to find, And much easier on the eyes of the viewer.

    As for the people who thought it would be different, It seems like you are still stuck on the very flashy, Over the top designs from places like completegfx or some of the other places that make gaming templates, Those are all fine and dandy, But when it comes to real design, Its all about content that is easy on the viewers eyes, And easy to navigate.

    Overall I am very impressed at your work void. I hope to see a release soon.
  10. GGVZ

    GGVZ New Member

    how install this ?
  11. the new layout looks very interesting i love how they are implementing the different things differently.
  12. radix

    radix New Member

    Looking nice but I've expected more.
  13. Aresvie

    Aresvie New Member

    How far as i can touch it? :)
  14. Blagger

    Blagger New Member

    I want it now :((
  15. AWC108

    AWC108 New Member

    to be honest, the only thing I like about vB 4 is the editor box. It's got larger. I don't like the new look though.
  16. Chief

    Chief New Member

    i think they should hold off, seems like there rushing the final product.
  17. Guardian

    Guardian New Member

    I was expecting more than what I saw (currently) of vBulletin 4. Perhaps they should hold off releasing 4 until they can provide more because right now, 4 seems like a repaint of 3.8.x with a few added features.
  18. mike1s

    mike1s New Member

    That looks cool!
  19. Geekygirl

    Geekygirl New Member

    I have to agree, I was expecting more...however, like every new toy I get every bone in me is saying "give me"...hopefully playing around with vb4 is as much fun as vb3
  20. S.O.S

    S.O.S New Member

    This is nice.
    I love it!

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