My official goodbye.

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  1. Hello fellow vBTEAMers,

    I'd like to thank everyone for making vBTEAM what it is today, especially .v0id who was able to get good hosting and keep the site alive when Jelsoft was doing everything in their power to keep us down. The same goes for all the staff here, you guys are great and are doing a great job.

    I just wanted to let the staff and members here know that I will no longer be contributing to vBTEAM. I have taken several "breaks" from vBTEAM in the last year or so because I just don't have the same passion for it like I did when I started it and it just isn't the same anymore. I will still be around to leech stuff however, for my personal forums but as far as posting help and/or hacks for members, I'm done.

    In closing, I'd just like to say thanks gain to everyone here and I hope vBTEAM continues for a long, long time. Who knows, maybe down the road I will have a change of heart and start contributing again. Until then....
  2. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    Sad to see you go but I understand the "it isnt the same" comment, even I have noticed a difference in the last year or so.
    Thank you for all the contributions you have made to vBTEAM and helping it become one of (if not the) greatest underground vBulletin forums around!
    You will surely be missed by staff and members alike.

    Good luck in everything you do in life, be well, be safe and never forget us :)
  3. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    Come on... old man........... <cryin'>

    I also feel that "it isn't the same" thing, but, you know... being an admin isn't a bad thing ;d you just sit here doing nothing ;)

    I still remember our first 'underground' vBulletin forum... A lot has changed since then. I hope you will be visiting us a lot; leech as much as you want ;) You are always welcomed here.

    Take care.

    // it isn't a joke, right?
  4. KrazyFire

    KrazyFire New Member

    cya man i remeber you were the first gbuy or was maybe void to supply me stuuf 2team it was first called i think :p since after 2team i didnt use vb anymore until the last year and half ive been using it again in that time i actaully bought the software ^^ and constribute when i have time
  5. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    hehe, 2team was a little bit later. Everything started way before 2team ;)
  6. GgAcE

    GgAcE New Member

    Hey mate, honestly you have done a lot for the community. You have also done a lot for me.

    Your a good person & I wish you luck.
  7. Pommes

    Pommes New Member

    Thanks for making vBTeam...

    pom/GYSN - in behalf of Team GYSN
  8. SpeedRazors

    SpeedRazors New Member

    thanks for doing alot for the vbteam board and all the members over here... good luck and again thanks for everything you've done with they others to make vbteam like it is now..

  9. fiveboys

    fiveboys New Member

    Thanks very much.
  10. ptc187

    ptc187 New Member

    Thanks for making WebmasterBeta...
  11. elitemaf

    elitemaf New Member

  12. lopnes27

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  13. upgadget

    upgadget New Member

    good bye bro... see you latter
  14. mishoz

    mishoz New Member

    Thanks very much.

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