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    Available for purchase I have a PR1 domain name,

    Linux Server Talk was at one point a forum for discussing linux servers and pretty much anything linux related. I acquired the site back in 2006. Sometime in 2007 I merged the forum into one of my other forum sites and since that time it has simply had a basic page up explaining that the forum was merged into the other website. would be a good domain name for anyone wanting to start up a forum or chat site related to, obviously, all the different flavors of linux.

    The additional benefits of this domain name is that it is well aged, registered since June 2005, and it has a pagerank of 1. These facts alone would give any site on this domain a running start as opposed to using a brand new registered domain. Also has a small trickle of traffic, maybe 25 to 35 visitors per month.

    My asking price is $145.

    If you want to buy, post SOLD and it's yours. I have this domain name listed for sale at multiple sites, so whoever posts SOLD first gets it and I will give the url of the winning 'SOLD' post to any who want to verify.

    If you want to make an offer, please post it below and I will consider.

    In order to protect both myself and the buyer we will use domain name escrow service to secure the payment & domain transfer.

    Thanks for viewing this thread. Feel free to post a reply with any questions, to buy or to make an offer.
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