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Discussion in 'Website Content for Sale' started by Kareemi, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Kareemi

    Kareemi New Member

    i am turkish, 19 and ve bn living with mom and two sisters in the uk.recently we received a visitor who had been a lawyer of my dad.he brought seperate letters for each of us, written and signed by my dad before his death last month.i am unable to handle the business alone though dad said i should do it myself and left a contact name and cell no at the company and and instructed me to make other arrangements with the lawyer for sales direction after i might have received 'them' from the company.i am confused as i dont how to start it,i cant disclose the contents of letter here pls.and i would prefer the assistance of an experienced person on such business if he mails me and also disclose the contents to him.and we wont discuss any details here only thru mails pls.thanks and expecting some real help from you folks. <br />
  2. Jeska

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    get your own lawyer its the best thing to do. and i lost my dad a coupple weeks ago as well. i know its hard . but get yourself a lawyer so you can be protected and you have someone who knows about business. And i am so sorry about your dad

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