How to start my own web hosting and domain selling buisness?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting Forum' started by jefhardy, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. jefhardy

    jefhardy New Member

    how can i start a domain selling and web hosting business, my funds are limited. Do I have to buy domains to be able to sell them and how do I get a license to sell domains...and the most important thing if I start my own web hosting business how many servers would I need...etc
  2. WHUK

    WHUK New Member

    The best way to start a web hosting business is by signing up for a reseller hosting account. Through the reseller hosting platform, you will be able to setup your web hosting business by utilizing the resources of some web hosting company. Moreover, the web hosting company also provides with end user support so that you can provide with the best of service and technical support to your clients. By signing up for a reseller account, you can set up your web hosting business under your own brand name and create web hosting packages of your own.

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