How much should I pay for a domain name?

Discussion in 'Domain Names for Sale' started by rahrahrah, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. rahrahrah

    rahrahrah New Member

    The domain name I want is already in use (it's a random site that just lists other sites) and there is a link on it saying it is possibly for sale. I clicked this link and it said to put in an offer price (which could be anything - there are no guidlines). Does anyone know how much people want for domain names? - I don't want to spend too much but I also don't know if what I want to spend is too low!<br />
  2. poppyurchin

    poppyurchin New Member

    how bad do you want it?
  3. amerkaderymailcom

    amerkaderymailcom New Member

    about $ 20.00 is about right ,dont buy existing domain name just a suggestion.
  4. mia0810

    mia0810 New Member

    Don't pay a dime (network marketing) .. there are sites that sell domain names and if you get other people to sign up too you make money back!
  5. AllSoundNopicture

    AllSoundNopicture New Member

  6. bkd2001

    bkd2001 New Member

    If you have your business plan in place and are working it then pay what works to acheive your expected results. If not, make up your own name and just pay the basic listing fee. You can always add another later.
  7. ITMatt

    ITMatt New Member

    Sounds like the domain name is already owned by a private entity, in which case its just a case of offering a price that the private owner wants for it. If it is through a registrar, then certainly no more than $20 at the very most - more like $8/9.
  8. adam

    adam New Member

    If you are going to register a domain then the best way to register a domain for free is to purchase your domain and webhosting together. In this way it is possible to get your domain for free. Some webhosting companies offer this as a gift . I am using bluehost webhosting for mine

  9. JayZ

    JayZ New Member

    you don't have to pay no more, get your free domain and hosting here
  10. SteveW

    SteveW New Member

    There is a website that does a rough domain valuation called You could start there. You could also hire a domain appraiser to give you an idea of what the domain might be worth.
  11. Arif

    Arif New Member

    As it is purchased by someone before, so you have to offer an attractive price to get it. You may start with 100 dollar, but I think it will cost you about 500 dollar.
  12. fafa

    fafa New Member

    thanks alot
  13. fm2050

    fm2050 New Member

    There are some free domains but really good, like, or .tk. You don't need to buy one if not really necessary.

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