How do you install ruby on rails application ?

Discussion in 'Server Management' started by Remo, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Can you point me a guide to install ruby on rails application in c panel, Where to upload files to ftp?
    I put application name ->myapp1, path->/rails_apps/myapp1, load on boot, environment ->production.
    Thank you. Last edited by jasoothai; Today at 10:42 AM. On a cPanel server you can install RoR by
    Code: yum list ruby {Only to test YUM - Not required}/scripts/installruby Thank you ServerPolice. But I think in my cpanel rubygems and ruby on rails are installed. I want to install the following application

    How to do it? If you have never ever used ruby then it will be very difficult to set a application up on it.

    Here is a small doc on how to begin, follow the readme of your app too
    Code: Thank you
    I already had a look on that.
    Is there any detailed guide out there?

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