How do you find out when a domain name is going to expire?

Discussion in 'Domain Names for Sale' started by powderqueen, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. powderqueen

    powderqueen New Member

    There is a domain name for sale and I was wondering how do you find out if the domain name is going to expire soon? I don't want the domain name that bad so I'm not wanting to fork over a lot of cash for it.<br />
  2. Casey

    Casey New Member

    there is something called "whois" gives you all the registration information you need for the TLD top level domain name that you want. i have purchased alot of domain names and that is the best way to find it. there are alot of services out there for free to find out more information about a domain name. if you are interested in one i wouldn't let the owner know because they will renew it and you will have no way to get it except pay the money they ask for. i beleive it is 15 days after a domains registration is up that other people have the ability to purchase it.
    you have to be fast.
    seems to do a good job

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