How do I put Ads on my forum?

Discussion in 'Discussion & Feedback' started by catwoman1459, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. catwoman1459

    catwoman1459 New Member

    Ok, im new to this and so far i haven't seen a place to put in codes for my ads. Please help me!
  2. Mr. C

    Mr. C New Member

    If you wish to place ads on your site, use the ad_location templates. Any skin beyond 3.7.3 should have them, or use the Ad Management Plugin by Red Tyger.
  3. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    Admincp >> Styles & Templates >> YOUR STYLE

    Choose Edit templates from DD

    then find and double click:
    Ad Location Templates

    This will the show you the default ad placement templates...add you Ad sese code or what ever to these templates...there all named appropriately so easy to work out what ones are what.

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