hosting from which company is better to use?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting Forum' started by rosicky, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. rosicky

    rosicky New Member

    bare in mind two companies which fit well to all my demands: webhostgiant and pinellashosting.
    There are many features in their plans which are to my liking. And prices are not high on their services.
    So which company would you tsick to being in my place?
  2. annahussy

    annahussy New Member

    Web hosting is important for any website holder to make it accessible via internet or world widely. There are many web hosting companies are available in the world which you can choose as per your requirement. Make sure that whatever hosting plan you choose it should be effective as well as secure for your website.
  3. Toonanger

    Toonanger New Member

    The most used by me is hostgator and godaddy.
  4. Nallavan

    Nallavan New Member

    I didn't use these companies to host my site.I have hosted my sites at here they are providing very good service and customer support at 24x7.I have hosted my sites in Linux hosting platform shared hosting service.
  5. WHUK

    WHUK New Member

    The functioning of your website is dependent on the web hosting platform that you select. It is extremely important to select the right web hosting company that has the necessary infrastructure to support your website in the best possible way. You must ensure that the main features of web hosting are offered in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the website and avoid the possibilities of downtime. In today's the internet dominated world, even a little downtime might have an adverse effect on your business.

    Make sure that the web hosting company offers with a prompt technical and customer support so that in case there is any issue with the website, it can be taken care of in a short span of time. The best platforms to find good web hosting companies are the review websites where customers share their experiences about the web hosting companies they have opted for. The web hosting platform is a long term investment for your website, therefore it is important to make the right choice.
  6. andii

    andii New Member

    Can i host vbulletin licensed script???
  7. Mark007

    Mark007 New Member

    To search for a good web host you always need to do a little research online. You can find web hosting forums where you can check out reviews and customer feedback to know more about hosting services and their reliability.

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