hostfresh - cheap offshore hosting starting from $4.99 warez,nulled ddl sites allowed

Discussion in 'ELiTE Discussion' started by XT-1, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. XT-1

    XT-1 New Member

    hostfresh is a new site offering a good reliable service with untouched customer support for any issues you may find.
    we will host almost any site appart from:

    child porn, Terrorist Activites site, trackers or other shit like this

    the plans are as:

    Plans :- Hostfresh offshore plans

    Fresh Deal 1
    05 Gb Webspace
    15 Gb Bandwith
    05 MySQL Accounts
    05 FTP Accounts
    05 Email Accounts
    05 Sub-Domains
    05 Addon Domains
    05 Parked Domains
    24/7 Hour Technical Support
    Price: $4.99 US$ / month

    Fresh Deal 2
    10 Gb Webspace
    100 Gb Bandwith
    10 MySQL Accounts
    25 FTP Accounts
    15 Email Accounts
    10 Sub-Domains
    10 Addon Domains
    10 Parked Domains
    24/7 Hour Technical Support
    Price: $8.99 US / month

    Fresh Deal 3
    20 Gb Webspace
    300 Gb Bandwith
    20 MySQL Accounts
    100 FTP Accounts
    100 Email Accounts
    20 Sub-Domains
    20 Addon Domains
    20 Parked Domains
    24/7 Hour Technical Support
    Price: $12 US / month

    Payment via :- Paypal

    we dont try to offer unlimited everything as this is plain over selling
    instead we offer 99.99% uptime and reliability unlike other host who just steal your money for a bad service

    our servers are located in the Netherlands and are ultrafast

    any questions can be asked here or you can send a email or ask on msn

    [email protected]
  2. TheProphet

    TheProphet New Member

    Nice plans m8, might need it some day......
  3. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    Hosting talk no longer allowed at vBTEAM, but let me guess, hes staff so it allows him to get a green card. >.<
  4. XT-1 - Are you in charge of this or advertising for someone else. Just curious because I'd like to know if you've used them and know they are reliable.

    If so, I might be interested.
  5. XT-1

    XT-1 New Member

    ok you old skool people will know who i am from when i saved this place from scouse
    if this thread must be trashed then so be it i will not take offence

    and yes this is my own company im working on atm im currently building the customer area and order system but can and will take orders manually if anyone wants one

    i know hosting area has been removed and thats why i posted it in here
  6. TheProphet

    TheProphet New Member

    I don't see any problems in the elite section about host talking.
  7. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

    Any discounts for being ELiTE? :D

    Joke :p
  8. XT-1

    XT-1 New Member

    i would love to give you a discount but as the prices are so low im unable to atm
    unless anyone wanted to sign up for a year for the price of six months
  9. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    The thing is that it's not enough offshore for me ;d

    I need something like vBTEAM host, but faster. I know that NL is great with speed, but it does not allow you to host illegal files.
  10. XT-1

    XT-1 New Member

    yer unfortunately this is the case
    i forgot to mention the fact that no files can be hosted on the servers but linking is fine

    if anyone needs to see speeds etc etc then pm me ill give you some test links
  11. durwinwilson

    durwinwilson New Member

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