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  1. dutchwii

    dutchwii New Member

    vBulletin 3.6.8 GYSN EDiTiON
    Due to the extensive code changes this version is only adapted for professionals.
    Please do NOT use this version if you don't have PHP skills or are not familiar with vBulletin.
    It could be necessarily possible that you have to customize hacks and styles for this version.
    The GYSN EDiTiON based on the latest vBulletin.v3.6.8.Patch.Level.2.PHP.NULLIFIED-GYSN offers the basis for every safety-conscious forums administrator.
    According to the files you can't identify vBulletin and there is also non of the many numerous IP loggings anymore.
    The version number (3.6.8) is also not viewable to the public anymore which protects you from systematic hacker attacks.
    Nevertheless it is still possible to ban IPs and to protect yourself against flooding.
    Even though all Jelsoft copyrights have been removed it is still possible to use your own copyright via the Admin Control Panel.
    - License comments in the header (License Number) and footer (Download Date) of all files has been removed.
    - License files of any kind have been removed.
    - images\regimage\fonts\read_me.html
    - clientscript\yui\README
    - index.html files have all been set to 0 byte now.
    - IP logging has been completely removed.
    - Edit Post (editpost.php)
    - Moderation (inlinemod.php)
    - New Reply (newreply.php)
    - Who Is Online (online.php)
    - Thread-Options (postings.php)
    - User Registraton (register.php)
    - Report Post (report.php)
    - Search (search.php)
    - Contact Us (sendmessage.php)
    - Post (showpost.php)
    - Thread (showthread.php)
    - Rate Thread (threadrate.php)
    - clientscript\vbulletin_ajax_wolresolve.js (completely removed)
    - vBulletin images have been replaced with custom images.
    - favicon.ico
    - includes\database_error_image.jpg
    - includes\ieprompt.jpg
    - images\misc\rss.jpg
    - cpstyles\(vBulletin_)3_Manual\vb_logo_small.gif
    - vBulletin images have been removed.
    - images\buttons\ip.gif
    - images\misc\v.gif
    - images\misc\vbulletin2_logo.gif
    - images\misc\vbulletin3_logo_grey.gif
    - images\misc\vbulletin3_logo_white.gif
    - cpstyles\(vBulletin_)2_Default\cp_logo.gif
    - cpstyles\(vBulletin_)3_)Default\cp_logo.gif
    - cpstyles\(vBulletin_)3_Frontend\cp_logo.gif
    - cpstyles\(vBulletin_)3_Manual\cp_logo.gif
    - cpstyles\(vBulletin_)3_Silver\cp_logo.gif
    - vBulletin version output has been removed.
    - Moderator Control Panel (modcp\index.php)
    - Admin Control Panel (admincp\index.php)
    - Remains of customer authentifications have been removed.
    - install\authenticate.php (completely removed)
    - "vbulletin" in the file names has been removed.
    - install\vbulletin-adminhelp.xml => adminhelp.xml
    - install\vbulletin-language.xml => language.xml
    - install\vbulletin-settings.xml => settings.xml
    - install\vbulletin-style.xml => style.xml
    - includes\xml\bitfield_vbulletin.xml => bitfield_forum.xml
    - includes\xml\cpnav_vbulletin.xml => cpnav_forum.xml
    - includes\xml\hooks_vbulletin.xml => hooks_forum.xml
    - includes\xml\podcast_vbulletin.xml => podcast_forum.xml
    - includes\xml\spiders_vbulletin.xml => spiders_forum.xml
    - includes\version_vbulletin.php => version.php
    Because of that the installation script had to be modified also.
    - "vbulletin" in the directory names has been removed.
    - cpstyles\vBulletin_2_Default => 2_Default
    - cpstyles\vBulletin_3_Default => 3_Default
    - cpstyles\vBulletin_3_Frontend => 3_Frontend
    - cpstyles\vBulletin_3_Manual => 3_Manual
    - cpstyles\vBulletin_3_Silver => 3_Silver
    - clientscript\vbulletin_css => css
    - "vbulletin" in the code or code-comments has been removed or modified.
    - The function File Diagnostics has been removed.
    - includes\md5_sums_vbulletin.php (completely removed)
    - vBulletin Credits have been removed.
    - includes\vbulletin_credits.php (completely removed)
    - Remains of the version check have been removed.
    - clientscript\vbulletin_cphome_scripts.js (completely removed)
    - admincp\newsproxy.php (completely removed)
    New Features
    - 8 new attachment types
    - images\attach\cab.gif
    - images\attach\diz.gif
    - images\attach\exe.gif
    - images\attach\gz.gif
    - images\attach\nfo.gif
    - images\attach\rar.gif
    - images\attach\sfv.gif
    - images\attach\tgz.gif

    - 11 new smilies
    - images\smilies\evil.gif
    - images\smilies\huh.gif
    - images\smilies\love.gif
    - images\smilies\mellow.gif
    - images\smilies\sleeping.gif
    - images\smilies\squint.gif
    - images\smilies\thumbdown.gif
    - images\smilies\thumbup.gif
    - images\smilies\w00t.gif
    - images\smilies\wacko.gif
    - images\smilies\whistling.gif

    - 'NO IP Retention' logo added
    - images\misc\privacy.gif

    - Wordwrap set to 0 to prevent fragmented release names in thread titles
    FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions
    - Where to see it in action? / Demo?
    Well guess what, it's running since the beginning on our board: :)
    - Am I able to comprehend your changes? / Am I able to do the modding myself?
    Yes, the .txt formatted changelogs are provided with this release, you can find them in the docs folder.
    - What happens if there is a newer version out in the future?
    In the case of 3.6.x you can use the patch-onlys from vbulletin.com or just wait till we update the GYSN EDiTiON.
    In the case of 3.7.x we will release a GYSN EDiTiON after the final / 'gold' release has been published by Jelsoft.
    - Is it possible to upgrade my current forum to the GYSN EDiTiON?
    Possible yes, but at the moment we are not offering such.

    - Is there a way to import my forum back to the original vBulletin?
    The only changes within the database between the GYSN EDiTiON and the original version are that the GYSN EDiTiON isn't using, even creating the IP logging tables.
    So if you use a database created with the GYSN EDiTiON you are not losing any data beside the IPs of your users.
    Which also means: Restoring the IP logging tables would make your forum database able to run with the original version again.
    (?) TEAM GYSN - 2007 -
  2. KrazyFire

    KrazyFire New Member

    nie thx mate lets see and try ;p
  3. dutchwii

    dutchwii New Member

    when use other style then edit the skin xml file and delete all vbulletin_ in the file like vbulletin_something.js -> something.js etc
  4. Morpheus

    Morpheus New Member

    thanks but i won't use it...
  5. Tiags

    Tiags New Member

    thanks. can u please explain better how to make another skin work 100%? I have Green Fox installed but change text color, dropdown menus, and some other things don't work.
    I already tried other style but same error appears.

  6. ryu

    ryu New Member

    Damn! Your better off purchasing vBulletin than doing all this editing, LOL.
  7. dutchwii

    dutchwii New Member

    In the xml file try remove all vbulletin_ parts
  8. Tiags

    Tiags New Member

    i did that but it still doesn't work :S
  9. dutchwii

    dutchwii New Member

    weird i did with bluesaint skin and no problem at all
  10. Tiags

    Tiags New Member

    I'm using green fox style for vbulletin 3.6.8 by VBStyles.
  11. Zodiac

    Zodiac New Member

    Thanks mate.

  12. caboose

    caboose New Member

    so with this can you upgrade from 3.6.7 or do you need to reinstall? Because I have it downloaded. just kind-of got confused with the install thing. :|
  13. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    you can´t upgrade to that with this at most 100% i´m not sure, try it in localhost and tell us if it works
  14. dutchwii

    dutchwii New Member

    might get errors as in this release is in all files the word vbulletin deleted aswell in the phrases
  15. dancuc

    dancuc New Member

    thanks for this, but i'm having a little problem. i am from czech republic and we are using some special characters as (ř,č, Å¡ etc.) when i'm posting them it's all good but when my moderator or my self try to edit any post which contains these characters, it gets replaced by unreadable characters. can this be repaired? thanks.
  16. caboose

    caboose New Member

    Ya I tried it on one of my servers. Failed. Kind of expected it. Its probably because I don't know how get the upgrade to work right. Anyways I will just try later I guess. BTW will I lose all of the upgrades I made to the forum and will my posts and users get deleted when I upgrade or does my database store all of that info?
  17. HBK.TEAM

    HBK.TEAM New Member

    thanks but i cannot download it
  18. Galeras

    Galeras New Member

    can I perform a install to overwrite my current vb ?
    I use vBulletin 3.6.8 Patch Level 1
  19. ribikracvirri

    ribikracvirri New Member

    thank you its a great job
  20. Zodiac

    Zodiac New Member

    Thanks alot.


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