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Discussion in 'vB Graphics' started by moiz615, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. djchaos667

    djchaos667 New Member

    You rock man, thanks! I hate to ask, but I forgot to get the Typesetters teal.cyan badge the RAW Providers a dark green badge and everyone wants to request that rather than super mod if they could get an Elite Mod badge in blue instead.
  2. khan_india

    khan_india New Member

    any one tell me haw can i use this plz helpme
  3. thewolf

    thewolf New Member

    thanks........... :D

    RAINBOW New Member

    Global Moderators"DarkGreen"
    Shqiptar ===RoyalBlue
    Respected ===Pink"
    BANNED=== Gray
    Team UARE="#B5A642"

    please,can you do all this for me?
  5. moiz615

    moiz615 New Member

    I will do that in a week though not promising !

    RAINBOW New Member

    OH thanks a lot...

    i'm waiting :)
  7. mashadow

    mashadow New Member

    could i have the kool ones with the flash/ [​IMG]type affect

    Leader = #E56717
    Co Leader = #E42217
    Advisor = #736AFF
    Admin = #C031C7
    Member = #4CC417
    Radio DJ = #7D2252
    GFX Team = #5CB3FF
  8. ď@řķō

    ď@řķō New Member

    est6an muy muy buenos se agradese
  9. b33znutz

    b33znutz New Member

    very nice stuff! thanks for the work!
  10. staffletop

    staffletop New Member

    Excellent, thanks. :)
  11. Damien White

    Damien White New Member

    Too bad there isn't a PSD.
  12. jcosta71292

    jcosta71292 New Member

    yes^^^ i agree i think it would be better instead of junior admin just have administrator, super moderator, moderator, vip, member
  13. moiz615

    moiz615 New Member

    Did you have ever heard of PSD's for Animations??
  14. Darbo

    Darbo New Member

    no but iv heard of imageready lol
  15. aayush93

    aayush93 New Member

    thanx for this wonderful ranks.....

    just one rank is missing that is Vip Member
  16. djchaos667

    djchaos667 New Member

    There is a VIP badge, you just didn't look hard enough. It is a very cool green that just says V.I.P.
  17. miss.red2009

    miss.red2009 New Member

    how i upload this icons plz help !
  18. prakasharavind

    prakasharavind New Member

    thanks its nice
  19. Godly Chaos

    Godly Chaos New Member

    how do you install these?
  20. Ramses

    Ramses New Member


    Is it possible to have the same of the set 1 (animated) but in french

    Like :


    Many thank's

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