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    As you have probably noticed, another money-bomb has started.

    It's been over 12 months since we've finished our last fundraising, and it's the best time to ask for your help again, as we will have to pay for another year at the start of November.

    vBTEAM and GYSN provide excellent support and downloads, completely for free, therefore your help will be highly appreciated!

    There are 16,799 members registered on vBTEAM.iNFO, if only 100 of you will donate $5, we will make it.

    Thank you all for another great year as a community, and I can't wait for another one!

    -- .v0id
    - in behalf of vBTEAM and GYSN Staff.
  2. C'mon people! Time to give back to the people that have given you so much for so long!

    Show your support!
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    Hey everyone, It's only one week left, and we've got only 100 bucks for the server. That is not enough.

    If we'd get at least $400, I would be happy to buy and null some paid modifications! And now I need to think about putting my own money for server costs...

    So, come on, $10 dollars from 40 people and we've made it!

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