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  1. Hoxxy

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    !! - - WARNING FAKE RELEASES - -!!

    Someone has taken it upon themselves to release fake GYSN, DGT & vBTEAM nulled versions of vBulletin 3.8.3 onto the scene...DO NOT USE THEM!!

    theses releases are truelly fake and simply posted out there by someone wanting rep & not by the true for-mentioned groups...

    please be patient and wait until a GYSN member of staff posts their real release or a member of vBTEAM staff posts a real DGT release, this is the only way to know they are real true releases...
  2. ptc187

    ptc187 New Member

    RE: FAKE GYSN, DGT, WebmasterBeta Releases

    ok thanx admin for warning

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