Emolution [3.6.8]

Discussion in '3.6.x Free Styles' started by Hoxxy, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Hoxxy

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    Installation instructions:
    1. Unzip Emolution Folder.
    2. Choose which skin you would like to use, then upload the images folder for that skin in the image directory to your forum's image directory.
    3. In your admincp, click "Download/Upload Styles" under "Styles and Templates".
    4. In the "Import Style XML File" section, browse for the xml file and click import.
  2. Devestation

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    Thanks Hoxxy, great release :D

    +Thanks and +Thanks
  3. Joey[CJ]

    Joey[CJ] New Member

    Thaks. Nice style
  4. Raviina

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    Templates are very interesting and I love her

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