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Discussion in 'Templates For Sale' started by Jade, Aug 24, 2008.

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    My daughter has outgrown alot of her clothes. I decided to take pictures of them and put them on Ebay. I have already put up two items for sale, but for the other clothes that I have not put up for sale yet, i want to make the sell page look nice. I have looked at other sell pages (not stores) and was wondering how can i get my sell page looking as nice as theirs. I dont plan on spending money to make it look nice, so where can i go to get templates or layouts or whatever you call them. PLEASE HELP!!!!<br />
    i have auctiva and i have tried to make it "pretty" with this site, but all i can get from them are "quick and easy" ways to list an item for sell, not anything that actually makes my sell page look desirable...<br />
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    Office Depot sells a program called "Garage Sale" for ebay sellers. That is a Mac program, but there must be a PC equivalent. Personally, I buy on price, not on how glitzy the page is.
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    this is the site many use to make custom templates. You also have a choice of many pre-made ones. It's free. I have an account, but I don't use layouts.
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    Go to www.auctiva.com for everything you need to have your auction pages look great. They're free, the instructions for setting up your page and more are super easy to understand and the best part is Auctiva is free.

    Auctiva gives step-by-step instructions as you're setting up a listings page so it's almost impossible to screw up. If you can point and click a mouse and type an item description, you'll have all the skills needed to make a fabulous looking eBay page!
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    I get compliments on my eBay webpage because it looks different than the others. I figured out how to write a template for it in HTML long before you could do that new automated thing.

    You can learn basic HTML fairly easily ... just cut and paste the harder stuff.

    Go to your eBay home page, than to the Community icon, groups and than type in HTML ...

    Several groups will come up ... you'll find lots of stuff that you can just cut and paste.
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    Hi, I understand your plight. I KNOW it make a big difference in your EBay listings to "dress" them up (no pun intended). I always have a listing on EBay. Here are some ideas that I use from the features found on the EBay itself
    1. Use bigger fonts. On the top of the description box there are pull down menus to change font and font sizes. Do LARGE and smaller. Makes a difference.
    2. Change colors of your paragraphs, maybe to match your items you're selling. Blue, red, brown, green and others are cool to use. USE DIFFERENT COLORS in your text.
    3. This one cost 10 cents, but it is more than worth it. It is called LISTING DESIGNER. It puts a frame around your listing. HUGE difference!! There are MANY frames to choose from. You can also put your pictures NEXT to your description, that makes a difference.
    4. Use more than one picture. Again, it is 15 cents per extra pic, but if it sells your items, it is worth it. I almost always use more than one picture.
    5. If you want to use HTML you can INSERT pictures and designs inside your text. For example, <img src="http//www.homebasedsystem.net/steve_files/moneyblur2.jpg"> for a picture or design to be inserted. Be sure to change the description to HTML.

    I hope this helps and good luck and good bidding.
    See my website for great ideas, but sure to register. Would $1000 in a week make a difference to you?? http//www.coolnetprofits.com go there and check it out for yourself. Thanks.
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