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Discussion in 'Ebooks Forums' started by WIGGY, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. WIGGY

    WIGGY New Member

    i've recently got an ebook online and i really wanted to read it, but it gets really hectic to sit in front of my monitor and read it from the screen, i get a headache.<br />
    can anyone gimme any advice or suggestions about the best thing to do if i wanna read it.<br />
    plus my public libraray or bookshop dont even have it...<br />
    thanks folks<br />
  2. MediocreDeity

    MediocreDeity New Member

    Put it on your cellphone
  3. monteis

    monteis New Member

    lower the brightness on your monitor, so you wont get a headache
  4. Bartoni

    Bartoni New Member

    Increase the text size on the screen then you can sit further back. Works for me.

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