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Discussion in 'Main Staff Section' started by Hoxxy, May 11, 2009.

  1. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    Like psilocybin I am slowly losing my passion I mean when was the last time I ripped a style?...sure I now tend to make mods but they are really only simple things that anyone could make if they actually spent 5 minutes reading and researching...TBH it probably will not be long before I retire my position as admin as it truly just isn't the same anymore, I'd still come here a million times a day as I do now (yeah yeah I'm sad f* but it would be to laugh at the idiots asking stupid questions rather then actually answering them.

    I remember when I first came here 9/10 members where very knowledgeable on vBulletin, now I think we have maybe only a handful of "real" active/contributing members and the rest of them are just f*ck wit leechers that don't want to learn, just want a quick fix as they have seen someone elses forum & want one themselves or simply don't have a clue and ask the stupidest of questions that could probably be answered by "Googling" let alone coming to niche site like vBTEAM.

    For f*ck sake come on we get members asking how to sort out the config file, to actually install vB for them or even can't even think to right click on a missing image or read the instructions to make sure their styles image folder has been uploaded to the correct directory as some images are missing...if thay can't even do that should they even be running a website/forum at all...lmao.

    Ok sure we all have to start somewhere and even I only got to grips with vB after about the 6/7 attempt but you know what I didn't come to vBTEAM or any other forum for that matter and ask stupid questions (not like the ones being posted now adays anyway) or begging for some1 to sort it out for me I simply sat down and worked thing out for myself but our members just don't seem to have the patients or even have the ding dong to think to do that,

    As I have mentioned a few times before my own forum is dead (and if i'm really honest) has been since the beginning as its simply "just another warez forum" with the same old content that can be found on any old warez forum plus 9/10 current members here run warez forums so they are not a rare nor a niche anymore.
    The true reason I keep it going is to keep up with the latest stuff from vB to help others here and the fact my only other true great knowledgeable niche that I could possibly turn it into is...yes you guested it...vBulletin and Its pointless doing that as its already covered by vBTEAM (hense me working my arse off to gain Admin status here from the beginning in the first plus the fact with the new structure of vB4 and having to basiclly learn everything from scratch again for no reason (being my site it dead and possibly won't update to it) I would rather spend that time constructivly learning a new script that I possibly would use for future projects...

    By now most of you know my views on shaking up vBTEAM such as making it private for maybe 6 months to help weed out the d*ckhead mentioned above and allow current members that actually do want to learn to gain knowledge so they can help themselves as well as others, but sadly .v0id is not interested in doing this as he thinks we would simple disappear as lots of other vBulletin niche sites would pop up out of the wood work, but tho' there is probably some truth in that surely when we reopened public again we would gain even more popularity for the fact we would be bigger, better and much stronger as we would now have another new niche that they wouldn't..."knowledgable members" so the chances are members from their laky forums would simply come over to us because of this fact...that being said .v0id is the head honcho and the one that pays the bills so he enevatably has & always will have the last word on how things are run around here and I to would probably be a bit "you know" if it was my baby being put on the line...:)

    "vBTEAM is open to everyone and will always be open to everyone"

    tho' this is an ok philosophy I still think something drastic needs to be done as it will be vBTEAMs downfall, we will enevatably be over run with idiots and our reputation will die another way that we thought would ever happen, I mean even banned members are simply signing up under different names and being braisen about it by posting a "Why was I banned" thread 2 minutes later as we have a no ip logging policy, now that does need to be sorted soon as I have recently banned a few members & not only have they posted a a "why was I banned post" but their actually PMing me to unban them!!

    ..ok thats enough of me ranting why don't go and do something constructive and bake a cake for your gran :)

    Long live vBTEAM and may we grow bigger & stronger everyday...:)
  2. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    You have such a way with your words Hoxxy, always touching! :)
  3. bluescorpion

    bluescorpion New Member

    I agree. When I first came here, I was able to ask "technical" questions about coding a plugin and get a pretty good answer or at least a direction. I think that level of expertise has "moved on" as you say, just now in fact, I explained how to find the correct image location to an URGENT request and I know for sure I have put that same explanation in at least a dozen replies that I have personally posted on this site. No telling how many actually exist... I often avoid asking technical questions now because I know for sure that I won't get any intelligent response, maybe some nitwit asking about my config.php file, LOL... It is different ...
  4. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    R u high or what? Who the hell writes so much in one post?! ;)

    About the IP logging -> I'll alter the database when I'll have some time :)
    About closing vBTEAM for few months... well, I think we could close the registrations for weekdays and re-open registrations on weekends. That way, the people who would really want to use our help would get it, and the ones that just want to leech, would probably find another place for that.
  5. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    lol...nah not high I haven't touched anything for about 4 years now...:)

    IP logging is a very much needed thing so please find the time...

    Closed registration during the week: that is a great compromise and should help alot...but I bet thats just more work for me opening and closing every w/e, reasons being your never about...lmao...oh well its a compromise so I shouldn't complain...;)
  6. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    Would that also mean that they would have to wait on the weekend to download mods and styles, or in fact any attachment if they are not a member yet?
  7. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    yep...only current members would have access to the forums 24/7 and people wanting to sign-up will have to wait till the next w/e to sign up to be come a member and get full 24/7 access...
  8. KrazyFire

    KrazyFire New Member

    mhm weekends yea sure there would be less noobs but weekends people are usually leechers ;) and weekdays are those need help urgently and hoxxy i know i worte 6 tutorials in my forum about something at 3am also in the past week ;D u think of so much stuff. Can i see ips or i just ban like i used to
  9. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    I can't even see ips so im guessing not fully fixed as yet or .v0id thinks I'm gonna go mad with my...
    but I think you should have IP ban perms....

    [mod]Moved to staff forum....[/mod]
  10. .v0id

    .v0id New Member

    All the ip that show up are taken from user table, and that table is only filled when user registers (so if you'll check new users, their IP will be shown) => Log in - vBTEAM Underground - vBulletin Admin Control Panel

    Overally, IPs are logged when users post or do anything else -> Log in - vBTEAM Underground - vBulletin Admin Control Panel (and type your username or whatever..)

    So, it does work. It's just vBulletin works in a way that it logs the ip from the registration as the main one and doesn't update it every time user posts or changes something.
  11. KrazyFire

    KrazyFire New Member

    Mhm there should be a mod for that ;D

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