Dog owners tired of defending their dog?!?

Discussion in 'Website Content for Sale' started by chalbri, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. chalbri

    chalbri New Member

    I have 2 AmStaffs. I usually have my dogs in the back yard if someone comes over and they don't like dogs.... I understand. But, with 7000 local classifieds for dogs for sale, and 700 studs for hire, JUST IN MY AREA...... <br />
    <br />
    Here's a story about 50 miles south of me.... (the chocolate lab attacking is somehow beautiful, yet it is the pit bull type dog that gets the blame) http//<br />
    And one a few states away... (A black lab and a pug kill a baby) http//<br />
    <br />
    Posted by Singleworker- (hope you don't mind)"The media loves sensationalism. You never hear about the good things that dogs do always the bad. It doesn't matter what breed but dog attacks are big news...... Crap like this make hard for good dog owners to have dogs."<br />
    <br />
    What's going to become of us dog lovers/responsible owners?!<br />
  2. howldine

    howldine New Member

    We're going to suffer when the gov't cracks down on ALL suspected 'dangerous' breeds and the criminals and the idiots just keep on truckin' and causing problems for everyone. All the good dogs in the world don't add up to one sensationalized case involving one bad owner.

    BTW The baby's death SICKENS me! How is it that no charges were filed? How can you leave a baby unattended in a DEVICE that can be dangerous unsupervised, not to mention the dogs left to romp with the baby? I totally do not believe the crap that 'they were in the next room' either. These women need to be indicted. SO SAD that both a baby and a puppy are dead because of their negligence...
  3. guidedogpuppy

    guidedogpuppy New Member

    wow...great question. You are right. Will it ever stop? love how they blame the "vicious" pitull and say a "beautiful chocolate lab" what the hell is that? it makes me mad. goo post.
  4. Brandi

    Brandi New Member

    I have 2 Amstaffs as well, work with a rescue group to pull adoptable dogs of this breed from high kill facilities, and foster amstaff puppies until they find their responsible forever homes. It is difficult..and sometimes it is hard to try to educate people who have been brainwashed by the media.
    What we can do as responsible dog owners iscontinue to teach and train our dogs to be outstanding dogs of this breed, and continue to educate people who believe these misconceptions. A dog is what you train and raise it to be. Any dog can be vicious if it is trained to be that way.
  5. Em

    Em New Member

    The media always feeds off the bad rather than the good. Thats just how its been and how it will always be. A smart person knows not to always believe and go with what the media says.

    As for whats going to become of us dog lovers/responsible owners, well as long as we are responsible for our dogs and give them the proper training, then we have nothing to fear and we will continue on and not listen to the crap that the media and other ignorant people have to say.

    Just ignore them, we know how are dogs are and we know how special each and everyone of them are to us. We also know not to judge a dog by it's breed but rather by its owner.

    Thats my two cents.
  6. DOTF

    DOTF New Member

    all dogs are beautiful and none are whn attacking
    here is one for you
    why does it say black lab mauling
    but when a pit it says attacked
  7. MindX

    MindX New Member

    dogs should be defending people
  8. nismax95

    nismax95 New Member

    I know where you are coming from. I have a 2 year old German Shepherd. The people who truly KNOW the breed realize how intelligent and obedient they can be and aren't afraid or negative about them. Unfortunately there's always at least one person who "knows somebody who got attacked by one and they weren't doing anything to deserve it." Most of the time when a person is attacked by a dog its because they did something to provoke the dog, or it had a bad owner who didn't train it properly and the dog takes the blame.

    There was a story around here a few years ago that almost caused a ban on Rottweilers. A guy had a Rottie in his fenced-in yard and everyday this kid would walk by on his way home from school and tease the dog. Finally one day, the dog had enough and when the kid's school was doing a fundraiser, the kid came into the yard unannounced and the dog attacked him. The kid lived but has some nasty scars to show for his teasing the dog for over a year. While the boy fully deserved it because of the way he terrorized this dog it's entire life, the dog was put down, the owner fined and he's no longer allowed to ever own a dog again. The county actually banned Rotties for a while and people were forced to sell and give away their dogs to keep them from being put to sleep. Finally an election came along and the people who voted in the ban were replaced allowing those who had sent their pets to live with nearby family members to be reunited with their animals... unfortunately not all were so lucky as some were put to sleep against the owners' wishes... all because some kid thought it was cool to tease a dog that was minding it's own business.

    It's even gotten so bad that some insurance companies will refuse to sell you homeowners insurance if you own one of the "dangerous breeds" of dog. I'm sorry, but there is no dog that is born dangerous... it's the owners who train them to be vicious or don't train them at all that cause the problems. Instead of putting the dogs down... I think they should euthanize the irresponsible owners!
  9. JillW

    JillW New Member

    Urgghhh! This is so frustrating. A 'beautiful' lab but a vicious pit doing the exact same thing? I sure hope soemthing is done about this soon, I dont' see any difference between this and racism. Hey, a white guy killed someone earlier...maybe we should just eliminate white men from the earth?
  10. chestypullerlives

    chestypullerlives New Member

    Its like the gun rights controversy. So long as there is a sensationalist media with no limits and WE the public say nothing about it, this will continue.

    I do UNARMED security, we used to be able to take our dog with us to outlying (rural) areas especially with drug runners and illegals in the area. I was insured to the hilt. We can't do that anymore because of the 'bad' press.

    When you see a rotten dog story, you need to comment about it at the blogs and letters to the editor.

    I do this continually.
  11. gymnasticsrockzz

    gymnasticsrockzz New Member

    my god i hate people. and when i hear stories like this, its makes me hate them just that much more. many people are good, its just the bad ones. howldine said it. "visioucs" pit bull and "beautiful chocolate lab" oh come on!!! and who in their right mind would leave a 2 MONTH OLD BABY UNSUPERVISED in a device, that says. "Supervise infant at all times" ???!!!!!![ive seen it on those types of things!] people just get dumber and dumber by the minute!! it sickens me! and why did the lab puppy get put down, put then the pug could be declared 'adoptable' doesn't the headline say, "Black lab and pug kill baby" NOT "Black lab kills baby, pug stands by and watches" it really sickens me how in almost EVERY "maul" even if it is not a pitbull, it is a pitbull, a pit bull mix, or a dog that ressembles a pit bull????
    brainless owners make it hard for we responseible ones to keep our dogs, Single worker has a good head on their shoulders.
  12. JenniferT

    JenniferT New Member

    Howldine covered pretty much all I have to say, except I MUST say to Em- Ignoring it will GUARANTEE we will lose the right to own ANY pets. Sticking your head in the sand is NOT the way to handle anti-dog people and anti-dog legislation. Did you know there is a concentrated movement by the HSUS and PETA to ELIMINATE all ownership of ANY animals, INCLUDING your DOGS? Don't think irrational people in sufficient numbers can't eradicate your rights. Get involved and DO something to keep your pets.
  13. joshlukeally

    joshlukeally New Member

    It does get really old, my first reaction when I heard the story about the lab pup and the pug was "Oh great now I will have to defend both of my dogs". (I have a 14 yr old pit and a 1 yr old pug). I think its always been this way and always will be this way. The only thing us responsible owners can do is try to educate people and prove others wrong about our dogs.
  14. singleworker1230

    singleworker1230 New Member

    First of all VOTE. Remember in the US, we have an elected government. So the first thing that we need to do is find out where our government stands on pet owning issues. It doesn't matter it you have a mix, a pit, or a BIS winning show dog we need to stop fighting among ourselves and start fighting for our rights to own an keep dogs. The same goes for breeders too. After all these dogs have to come from somewhere they just don't end up in the shelter or in our homes through immaculate conception. We need to start out at the grass roots level by seeing what our city counsels and county commissioners are doing with animal law. We need to join our state pet law lists. We also need to educate our own neighborhood pet owners not just in words but in actions. I've already started and have been doing this for years. Lastly, my hard earned money goes to organizations that support my views. PeTA, HSUS and many other animal organizations are actually for more laws and legislation regarding pet ownership. So be careful who you give your money too. Don't inadvertently support the "enemy".
  15. SusanSmith

    SusanSmith New Member

    I echo singleworker 1230 wholeheartedly. Sometimes I think we are our worst enemy fighting amongst ourselves while other organizations like PETA stand united and make strong inroads. Before I vote this year, I will know where everyone running stands on the issues.
    Just one additional comment to singleworker 1230... I am also working to educate uninformed animal lovers who think they are voting for the right thing. I didn't really understand many of these issues myself until I got involved either. Now I am on my city's committee to re-write the dangerous dog ordinances. Many of us were able to stop BSL from going through last year.

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