do you have any ADVICE FOR ME??????please?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs Forum' started by BAyAREA, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. BAyAREA

    BAyAREA New Member

    I'm living in a bad "hood' in San Francisco, well most of the neighborhoods are bad. I'm 16 and will be 17 soon. I'm a Junior.<br />
    I'm affiliated with the gangs and all that and it's hard (impossible) to get away from it when you live here. I'm really trying to keep up with my grades in school because I'm planning on going to a Vet school<br />
    to be a Veterinarian and MOVE OUT OF HERE!!!!!! with all the people I'm with drug dealers and all i really wonder if they're thinking about what they're going to do with their lives. even though in public eye, I'm considered a "loser gang member" or "girl that's gonna end up pregnant someday<br />
    how am i screwed for "getting myself in a situation like this" this is where and how i was raised. not my fault<br />
  2. Julie

    Julie New Member

    ok so...what are u asking for? sympathy?
  3. cutieee

    cutieee New Member

    get a good job and move out of the place i feel so sorry. )"

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  4. coolcool

    coolcool New Member

    i advice you to move away from the gangs and stuff
  5. OhMyJonas

    OhMyJonas New Member

    maybe star saving money and move into your own place small quite neibohood and good for you kepeing your grades up i hope you make an amazing vet one day good luck??
  6. 7331

    7331 New Member

    Well its tough..sorry.. just do the best you can.
  7. ItsMe

    ItsMe New Member

    just dont do anything bad
  8. jaygrc1022

    jaygrc1022 New Member

    yeah your pretty much screwed for getting yourself in a sittuation like tis
  9. lftu25

    lftu25 New Member

    Keep focused on your dreams Fast mone and fast times runs out quick. While your getting your education there still gonna be doing the same thing they were doing the last time you see them.
  10. nevermore

    nevermore New Member

    advice on what?
  11. slimshadybsb

    slimshadybsb New Member

    Yes I do have advice for you. I will tell you what that advice is even though you have not asked me to tell you what it is. My advice is that you post a question that has something answerable in it instead of a question to which the answer is "yes" or "no" but you do not want either one of those answers posted.
  12. xoitsmebaby

    xoitsmebaby New Member

    keep your head high focus on what u want
    and forget all the other shiiz.
  13. AprilR

    AprilR New Member

    dont listen to them... just keep doing good for yourself... and try to seperate yourself from those people...

    be determined!!!!! ))

    but seriously i hope you keep doing good.... it sucks to be a low life.. i was in your situation.. but now im in college doing good for myself )))
  14. CR4ZY

    CR4ZY New Member gotta couple choices..
    you can follow what everyone else is doin..
    use your own mind do your own thing..
  15. a

    a New Member

    Never let your environment determine your future. I hate in when people play victim to their circumstances. Life is what you make it, and if you work towards your goals you won't be subjected to the same hardships that others are. You fail when you give up. Remember that.
  16. TONID

    TONID New Member

    My heart goes out to you. I realize that you have no right now answer to where you live-- you have to live where your parents can afford a home for you. But you have a non-ghetto mind. You want better things for your life. Keep on praying and asking God to help you each and every day. Ask Him to keep you from the inroads of gangs and destruction. Ask God to bless your family and protect you daily. Ask him to help your family be able to relocate. If you truly believe, and keep asking God these things, your conditions will change. I know--- my family asked God for a house---and they got it-- at the right price, in the right neighborhood, and just at the right time. God will answer your prayers--- Pray every day--- Toni D.
  17. gsdgirl

    gsdgirl New Member

    Try to get out of there it is doing you a great injustice mixing with the wrong crowd. Going to vet school is a once in a life time opportunity and not many people actually get the grades to get in. Vet school is awesome and if you love biology and animals you will love it as a job. Don't let something you really want to be slip away from you. Try to spend time away to study. Good luck I hope you sort it all out.
  18. TaintedHalo

    TaintedHalo New Member

    just keep your head up and do what you do.....

    show them that there is more to life than the street life
  19. CeLiNeFrEnChAdO

    CeLiNeFrEnChAdO New Member

    use your head. no matter where you are, and what your surrounded by, you need to be able to stay and be what you want. people cant change you unless you let them. you said you have a bad reputation, but guess what? you cant get a bad rep unless you done something that started it. theres no smoke without fire. get it? advice for you is, quit screwing up when theres a way out. you have a goal for your future. therefore, you need to abide by the rules in order to achieve it. youre responsible for your actions, you cant blame em on the people who do wrong. be what you want to be. even if you do get outa the hood sometime in the future, theres still gonna be haters and ignorant people in your life, trying to make you trip. you need to be strong anywhere. everywhere. no matter what.thats the only way to succeed.
    for your own good, dont let these words go to waist. ok? good luck to you girl.
  20. gll

    gll New Member

    I live in the bay area, and i was in the same situation as you. I hung around kids who no one messed with because they carried butterfly knives and were affiliated with gangs. They were drug dealers too, and one of them ended up pregnant but killed her baby from all of the chemicals she put into her body. It was the worst time of my life. Eventually i realized what a bad path i wound up on and started blowing them off for school or making things up about how i couldn't hang with them. Over the summer i lost touch with them, but they still attended school. Every once in a while i'd see them around and just nod or whatever, but now i'm a junior and i focus on grades as well so i can leave this place. Just like you. My advice to you is to prove everyone wrong. Don't end up pregnant or a drop out. Tell your group how your gonna focus on your future, your life. I know it's nearly impossible to get away, but just try. Make up excuses, ignore them, stay on the down low for a bit. Don't answer your phone.. anything. I wish you good luck and hope you find a way out so you can start living your real life.

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