Default User Text Formatting (font styling) . Zero Query!

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    Default User Text Formatting 1.0

    Default User Text Formatting - Allow users to chose there default text formatting from (User CP).and applied on new threads, new replays and group discusses With inline styling preveiw and Zero Query!

    AdminCP controller.
    1. ability to turn it on or Off.
    2. ability to set font types
    3. ability to set font colors.
    4. ability to set font sizes.

    • for my bad english so, the screen shots will be more descriptive.
    1. download latest version on attachment.
    2. upload XML file via Upload/Add Product.
    3. Edit your admincp settings.
    4. finish.
  2. Ben10

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    Thanks MH i going to install it be happy
  3. 7md123

    7md123 New Member

    loved it .. been looking for it
  4. Hector

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    Anyone have any idea how I could add an option for users to disable this for themselves? Sort of like an "forced default formatting" option. So they see all posts as the forum default, in case they find customized fonts annoying.
  5. abelreload

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