Corrosion-X Version: 3.6.11

Discussion in '3.6.x Free Styles' started by mastram, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. mastram

    mastram New Member

    Version: 3.6.11

    Install instructions and image resources are in the package!!!

    Skin comes as is, with no warranties, and you may customize it to fit your site's needs, but that is up to the user.

    Sorry for no screenshot, but just download and install to see it in action for yourself. If you dont like it, then uninstall. Simple!

    Xipher Designs :: Visionary of the Unknown.
  2. elgrantyncho

    elgrantyncho New Member

    thanks! My English is bad we will not talk much! jejeje
  3. Raviina

    Raviina New Member

    Templates are very interesting and I love her

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