Can we have another forum rule please? (Just Look)

Discussion in 'Discussion & Feedback' started by mojopanel, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. mojopanel

    mojopanel New Member

    Could we have another forum rule as:

    *If you post in the wrong section your thread will be simply deleted?

    Can we please.. If i got permission i am willing to do that.

    But it just a way of cleaning the forum.

  2. Error 404

    Error 404 New Member

    Lolz, this topic will get trashed =/
  3. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    Its kinda already one.
  4. mojopanel

    mojopanel New Member

    Oh i am sorry. Thanks Dark_Hunter.

    Also "Error 404" no need to be a A$$ about it.
  5. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    Don't worry about him, when he gets his head in and posts the posts may seem relevant but won't get you anywhere. =/

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